Space needed for autographs

I’d like to get some christmas ornaments for character autographs. How much space is needed for them to write? This ornament is 1.25" tall, so it’s pretty small. I’m thinking it is too small for an autograph.

I’d say it would be fine for a ‘‘face’’ character but obviously this is for a mascot character so I’m afraid it would be really difficult…

Scrooge McDuck signed a Monopoly dollar bill for my son last year and it was sort of iffy…

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This is 2", and I could turn it into an ornament. But it’s not really “Pooh” themed.

and it spells Hunny incorrectly – no good


Maybe this is my best shot: 2.5" (maybe a little big/heavy for an ornament)

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I think those are way too small. Could you write legibly on them while wearing a pair of thick mittens?

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Anyone have experience with “unconventional” autographs?

I think I’ll still try my idea, but won’t get my hopes too high.

It’s often recommended that you use retractable Sharpies for autographs, especially from those who are not face characters. It might take more room for Sharpies than regular ballpoint.


Could you maybe get a 2D hunny pot to use as an ornament? They need a bigger space, yes, but they may not be able to hold a round object and write on it at the same time.

A flat hunny pot would be easier to sign and could also be bigger without being heavy.


I would love to hear how this goes. Such a cute idea.

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