Space Mountain

I saw the video of the recently reopened Space Mountain exit.

I’ll admit, it is rather bittersweet to see the demise of the moving walkway. Granted, it was getting a little long in the tooth…but there it did add to the whole futuristic feel (think Jetson’s) to have the moving walkway.

I do wonder if this is “temporarily permanent” or truly permanent. It does seem like a VERY long walk just to get out. Maybe when Tron opens, it will be completely revamped. (I’ve heard rumors that Space Mountain will likely undergo a MASSIVER overhaul once Tron opens…possibly even completely replacing the coaster inside…so if so, I guess this walkway is just a stop-gap.)

Yeah 2 weeks ago we had to step outside through the emergency exit and cross the railroad. It was not a short exit. Especially once when they actually blocked us like 3 good minutes in advance before the train passed… :rofl:

I never heard details on why the change in the exit. Did the moving walkway break? At first I thought maybe it was Tron related, but I don’t think that makes any sense after thinking about it. What’s the real scoop on the odd exit across the train tracks in the first place?

That was temporary while they were replacing the moving walkway. Now that the original path is opened again (sans the moving walkway) the train exit shouldn’t be in use any longer.

I believe it was due to aging of the walkway, and inability/cost to properly maintain it. But I don’t recall all the details off hand.

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So in place of the walkway is stairs? Or?

No. It is just a long walkway now. The place where it went up, however, was replaced with a switchback so that the incline is minimal.

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You can see a video linked from Screamscape: