Space Mountain blocked from PeopleMover?

I meant to ask this after our December trip…but while riding PeopleMover, when you enter Space Mountain you used to be able to see the interior pretty well (meaning, the darkness, but glowing trains, and lighting effects on the ceiling). But in December, we noticed they had put up panels that almost entirely blocked the view of the SM innards, other than the space station part.
My question is if this is a permanent change, or if it was only so that they could block the Holiday Overlay from PM guests?

It is a shame if it is permanent.


It was this way in January - so I would assume it is permanent.

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How long has it been like this? Seems like I remember some of it being blocked, but it was a while ago.

Visibility was restricted on my September trip.

I thought it was always like this. At least as far back as I remember riding it (my memory gets increasingly fuzzy though the farther back I go so I could be wrong). I thought there were some panels with glass at the top section so you could see maybe the upper half of the interior.

You should look at old YouTube videos with the lights on and see how recently it looks the way you’re remembering.

Good idea.

I’m not seeing any recent ones without full view through a row of transparent panels. Maybe blockage was something temporary that is now back to normal. :man_shrugging:

2 days ago:

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This is my hope. Those images are showing far more than could be seen when we rode in December. I was quite disappointed, since it has also been a favorite moment of mine on the ride when you get to see Space Mountain from that perspective.

Perhaps it was blocked not to prevent PM from seeing SM, but from SM from seeing PM? With the lights turned up for the holiday overlay, I’m not sure if the lighting effects would have revealed PM or something?

Now I’m more curious! Unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to ride during the party itself, so didn’t see, first hand, the holiday overlay.