Space Mountain at 10:30ish?

I’m taking a quick 2-day solo trip and trying to cover the highlights of all 4 parks. In both cases I plan to spend a couple hours at my morning park hitting as many of my “must-rides” as possible, before hopping to my afternoon park for lunch, more leisurely touring, shows, etc. Day 1 (2/27) I’ll be doing MK-AK, and Day 2 (3/1) DHS-EP. On 2/28 I won’t be going to the parks, but will spend the day enjoying Spring Training baseball followed by a monorail bar/food hop.

On my MK morning, I’ll be working without FP so I can pre-book them at AK. I’ve got a pre-opening ADR at Be Our Guest, so the plan is to be parking around 7:15, enter the park at 7:45, eat between 8-8:30 and then line up for 7DMT and either get on it before the park opens or be one of the first on as soon as 9am hits. After that, several runs of a custom plan all tell me to do, in order: Haunted Mansion, Pirates, BTMRR, Splash, and Space. That will get me to Space at 10:26am with an expected 13 min wait, and I can catch some of the 11:05AM Dapper Dans show on my way out of the park.

Is this realistic for a “4” day at MK? I was surprised to see it so late on the plan, but if that is reasonable I love the way the plan looks!

I don’t have personal experience, but you can go and look at the same date over the last few years and see what the waits are.

Above is the link to February 2018. Maybe looking at the past will help you decide?

Can’t speak for the dates but we did a similar plan 3rd week of September. Crowds weren’t too bad. Our longest line was 7DMT because we encountered a delay getting to the park and did not arrive at 7DMT until 9:10. We waited 45 minutes for it but still managed to do all the above on your list and make our 11:30 ADR at Be our Guest. In our case Haunted Mansion, and Splash were walk-ons and the rest were minimal wait. The only FP we ended up using was for BTMRR.

Good to know! I’d actually planned to skip 7DMT until I stumbled upon the BOG ADR, so if something happens and I can’t be one of the first on it, I’ll just skip it and get back on track. I’m interested to see it, but the others are my nostalgic “it’s not a Disney trip without these” rides, so those are the priority.