Space Mountain - after the ride

My girls have decided they do not want to ride the actual Space Mountain coaster but they’d love to see the display you walk through after the ride since they are really into all things space now (thank you American Girl). I know there is a way to by pass the coaster and just do that part, but is there such a thing as bypassing the coaster LINE to just walk through the neat part afterwards? We will be there during peak crowds in June and don’t want to waste a fasspass on that part.

I don’t believe so.

Try riding the People Mover as it goes through Space Mountain and it is a nice relaxing ride.


Truthfully, the dioramas during the Space Mountain exit aren’t all that interesting. My own DS6 was more interested in the video screens that show the people on the walk way than with the scenes. They seem very dated, conceptually. But as DocHopper mentioned, you can get a glimpse of them from the people mover as well.


I’ve never heard of anyone doing this.


I have to imagine that there might be a way - somehow - to do this. Best bet would be to ask the greeter at SM when you’re there.

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It is possible, but I would think someone would have to stand in line. Honestly it depends on the CM. It is very easy to just walk through the line and then when you get to merge just say you aren’t riding then they can send you down the hallway that leads to unload opposed to load. That way you could see everything down there. Without going through the line, I don’t know there is a way for a guest to get back there. When I worked there, we also gave out blue cards for wheelchair guests and ride swaps. If they still do that then they could write you a blue card to hand the CM at merge and go through the FastPass line. Sorry I hope all that makes sense haha