Space in POR rooms?

OK… Need opinions. Having never stayed at POR I have no frame of reference on the size of the rooms. Going in Sept. Staying in a preferred room. Family of 5 - Me, DH, and DM plus DS5 and DS10. DM may have to rent a scooter as she is a cancer patient and tires easily. All of a sudden tonight, I began to worry that there might not be enough room in our room for her scooter if we have to rent one. Can anyone comment on this? If there is not enough room, does anyone know if it could be stored (plugged in) at Guest Services overnight?

Well, has the room info here:

Rooms are 314 square feet, with 2 queen beds and a 54" pull-down trundle-style bed.
You’ll probably be able to squeeze the scooter in. One kid will have to take the trundle bed, and the other will share a queen with grandma or a parent.

Yeah… I read that and had figured out the arrangements. I’m just worried about the addition of a scooter and where we will put it.

We stayed in a preferred corner room on our last visit and it seemed larger than a regular room. You might have a bit more space for a scooter as you walk in the door. You could call and ask POR about the size of a corner room and see if that would help you out.

When we stayed at POR there was a scooter parked at the bottom of the stairs near our room every night. POR doesn’t have elevators. I remember seeing a few parked on ground level throughout the area, now that I think about it. Maybe that’s the usual scenario or scooters? Maybe they have keys like motorcycles, or maybe people use a bike lock?

Anyway, we loved POR. I think 3 adult plus 2 children will feel a bit cozy, but you should all fit. Have a great trip!

The last time we stayed there they still had the pull out trundle beds not the pull down so I don’t know if that has changed the room layout. We had 2 adults, 2 teens, a toddler on the trundle and an infant in a pack in play. We also occasionally had a standard wheelchair and a double stroller in the room, sometimes we left them in the car for more floor space. It might be a little tight but if the scooter takes up about the same amout of space as the pack in play.

You can request a first floor room for medical reasons since they don’t have elevators they will grant that request. My son was on crutches at the time so they upgraded us to pool view since we needed the medical first floor room.

Plus you might consider a manual wheelchair from the resort for your mom. We got one for free from POR for our son and could keep it the whole time at take it to the parks. I think it was easier to push him in that that a scooter would have been since we are not used to having a scooter or wheelchair all the time, plus it folded in our van or the room. The resort is spread out so having the wheelchair there made it easier for trips to the pool and food.