Space 220

According to a post in November on the Disney Food Blog, the new space-themed restaurant in Epcot is tentatively named Space 220, and they had posted job openings for starting work in April 2019.

Anyone hear anything else about this? If employees are going to start April 2019, then it would seem that the opening would be soon afterwards after some training, etc. Such a timeframe is quickly approaching, which means ADRs would need to open as well.


This 2020 trip we are doing is going to drive me insane. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No way it could open in less than 6 months IMO. They’re still constructing it.

Job adverts were posted by the Patina Group last fall in the EU looking for people to start in summer of this year IIRC.

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They’re posting that ad in Europe. I read the fine print and basically they’ll need a few months to work out the visas and travel arrangements. I’m guessing fall opening.

Doesn’t look ready yet!

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Well, as long as it is open by May 2020, I’m fine. I was just surprised by the post that it would be ready that soon.

Of course, it is only February. Building a restaurant doesn’t take NEARLY as long as it does to build a ride, so I think they could have it finished in short order. (The most difficult part of this will be the screens in the elevators and “windows”…otherwise, there’s nothing too technologically difficult about it.)

Sparks were flying from my fingertips when I clicked on that post to find out when it would be open! But alas, not in time for my trip in May of this year. I guess I have no choice but to schedule one for after it’s open.


Had no idea this was projected to open in 2019. Okay, will keep an eye open for fall trip