Space 220 webpage oddness

So, been checking the webpage for Space 220 every morning for the last month or so just in case ADRs are open, and every day nothing.

Checked it today, and the page wouldn’t load, but I had the MIllenium Falcon and a message saying something like “Don’t go anywhere, and don’t refresh the page” which I’ve seen before when sat in a big queue when the free dining plan offers came out in the UK.

It was only on this page, trying to go to another restaurants page worked fine.

Anyway, its loaded through fine now, and you still can’t book ADRS, but maybe they were testing something before they go live? Anyway, just thought I’d give people here a heads up just in case.

Just don’t book anything around lunchtime on April 10th, thats mine! :stuck_out_tongue:


And I refreshed and now I’m back in the queue, message is

" Please remain on this page.

We’ll be with you shortly so be sure not to refresh the page!"

Most odd!

Free Dining has just been released in the US this morning.

Not sure if that has any effect on the Space 220 page or not.


Ah, that’d probably be it then! Weird that it only seemed to be affecting the Space 220 page for me

Oh well, gave my morning a bit of excitement!

I think it was affecting different pages for other people. Randomly, of course - just as you would expect! :wink:

In the automotive industry, I think this is what is known as a “surprise and delight” feature. :wink:

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You say that like Disney IT is less than optimal.


Did I?



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