Space 220 Restaurant- reservations

Anyone know how to receive notice when reservations will be open for Space 220 Restaurant for dining in late spring 2020?

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I’m sure it will be reported all over the place, by Disney Food Blog if nothing else. You can also monitor the Patina Group website ( Their reservation system connects to Open Table, so you may be able to book there before reservations start through MDX. :slight_smile:

Has the projection on opening date changed?
I read this was going to open “Winter 2019”. Are they opening later now, or, are they simply not going to take reservations until the Spring, after a Winter opening?

Here’s what I saw on the timing (and the target date seems consistent over the last few months):

Thanks for any info you have on this!

Recruitment used to be for a September 2019 start, this was later changed to “late 2019”. I haven’t seen any mention of it being delayed further, but it’s entirely possible,…

There’s a watch thread for the restaurant over on the disboards. You can subscribe to that thread to have updates emailed to you.