Space 220 Notifications?

Hi, is there anywhere on Disney’s site or maybe in TP where I can sign up to get notified as soon as advanced dining reservations are open?? I don’t want to miss booking.


I haven’t seen anything of that nature yet. Should be coming… I’m scared to miss it myself with an April trip.

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Just check the blog daily. They are good about announcing stuff on the blog.

Do we know if they are going to serve breakfast?

Just booked my May trip ADR. nothing yet on Space 220

If you have Instagram and/or Facebook, I follow Touring Plans and the Disney Food Blog accounts for updates on restaurant reservation openings and that has worked well for me!

When Storybook Dining at Artist Point opened last year and with the Epcot Processional this year, I saw both of those announcer on Instagram Stories and was able to get them within a few hours of release.


For me, I’m likely to miss such a notification if it occurs during working (8a-5p, eastern) hours. I’m hoping for a heads up before booking opens

True, it is up to random timing if you will see it! With both of those, I didn’t see any earlier notifications, it was just “these are booking now, go!”.

Maybe if anyone on this thread sees them open, we can tag the others here to get an email notification.

I haven’t seen any. I’m keeping an eye on the reservation finder. If they ever add it, I’m going to choose it as a search so when it opens I can get an alert. I don’t know if that will work or not. I’m still hoping it opens before my 180 days, which is in 13 days.

Ooh - using ResFinder is a good idea. I’ve been checking every morning and will continue to do so while waiting for HS EMM.
But, it would sure be nice if there was a tool to watch for those for us. has Space 220 alerts available already. For what it’s worth, that’s how I found out about Oga’s cantina reservations being available as soon as they were released, so it seems like it’s a good way to get a jump on other people looking for ADRs.


Thanks! I just signed up.

Looks like the opening is now planned for February 2020: