Space 220 Lounge

Has anyone who has been recently noticed how long the line is for the Space 220 Lounge??? No luck with an ADR for lunch so thinking maybe of waiting in line for the lounge.

We waited in line on 10/13 around 1pm, and it took an hour.

Same. Is there a virtual queue or do we stand on line?

You have to stand in line, no virtual queue. The day we did it, the line was shaded so it wasn’t too bad (it was plenty hot out). It’s a good time to sit and rest your feet and socialize with those around you.

I didn’t see anywhere to sit and wait. It was standing only when we were there. If the line extends out past the beginning of the space 220 ramp you might have a bench for a bit.

You have to sit on the ground. :smiley: When we did it the line was on the right wall under that sign- here it looks to go left?

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No the ppl on the left had ADRs. The bar line was really short :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Gotcha. The lounge line was really short that day!

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Any idea on how the wait time is through out the day?

My wife and I’ll be in EPCOT on Monday, Nov. 15 in the evening. We would like to check it out and have a drink but not waste an evening in line. I’m wondering if the line dies down towards park close.

I will be in Epcot in the late afternoon/evening Thursday and hope to do the lounge so I will report back about how the wait is/looks. Will probably be a little busier on Thurs than your Monday visit, but may give you an idea at least!


Thanks, I appreciate that! Hopefully we both get a chance to check it out.

Are they still letting you order anything off the menu? (We did the lounge first week of October)