Space 220 Lounge with Kids

Has anyone tried the Space 220 Lounge with kids? We’re not interested in the full prix fixe experience but would like to experience the restaurant. But our kids are pretty picky. I was wondering if anyone has been able to order the kids’ chicken tenders at the lounge - they’re technically only on the main menu.

We were there last week with a 5 and 8 year old. My kids only ate the fries that came with our sliders and the pop rocks that came with our drinks but our server did tell us we could get the full prix fixe menu in the lounge if we wanted so I assume the same is true for the kids menu.

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Yes we ordered prix fix kids meals (chicken tenders) for our kids in the lounge a couple weeks ago and they were really good! Still ended up being pricey because we got several apps, adult beverages, and nonalcoholic fancy drinks for the kids.

Thank you! Can I ask if you were able to just order prix fixe for the kid, and the adults ordered off the lounge menu?

Yes that’s exactly what we did!

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