Space 220 dinner with a 10yr old

I was able to get a ADR for Space 220 but just noticed the pricing. :astonished: Now that my son is a “Disney adult” will he have to order off the adult menu?

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No — but you will pay the adult pricing for him given it’s prix fixe.

Welcome to the terrible age when it becomes frustrating to feed a Disney adult who maybe doesn’t even eat like much of a Disney kid. We have avoided most prix fixe for some time due to that factor.


So if he has to order off the adult menu, then they shouldn’t mind if he orders a martini with his meal, right?

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Oof that’s all we need. Loaded 10 year olds. :grimacing:

(…yeah i know the kid’s not 10. Shaddupayoface.)


:joy: for $79 it should come with one!


Okay, I’m going to release it if anyone is looking for a dinner on 4.23 :slight_smile:

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I wanted to take my 10 year old to Space 220 so bad. Then I saw the prices and decided he won’t miss what he doesn’t know. :joy:


Ok, stupid story…two years ago at Disney, my niece and I were with my mom. I swear my mother wasn’t listening to anything we said. This video had come out shortly before the trip and my niece finally started saying ‘Listen Linda!!!’. And since that day, she went from being called Nanny to being called Linda (her actual name is JoAnn). It’s very confusing to anyone who doesn’t know the story. So much so that when meeting my sister’s in-laws for the first time, her mother-in-law turned to my sister’s husband and said ‘I thought her name was JoAnn?’.


My Mom’s name is Linda.

We love this video and we love using it on her.

Also? She is deaf in one ear so it’s even a little funnier