Space 220 - Dining room or lounge?

I would like to go to Space 220 for the overall experience, but don’t know if I want to spend the $$$ for the full dinner. For those who have been, how does the food compare to other signatures? Is the lounge a good alternative for drinks and a light meal? How bad are the lines to get into the lounge?

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I can tell you that you can book the lounge, I’m not sure if it even has a walk up line anymore.

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We did lounge when they allowed walk up. Plan to do again (with reservation) on the 20th.

Prefer that as you can choose the Prix Fixe or lounge food. We just wanted lounge food & dessert.

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We were there last week, we booked the lounge as an ADR, and when we arrived the waiter said we could order off the lounge menu OR order the full meal deal. We ordered off the lounge menu (it was mid-afternoon and we were really just there to see it) but if you book the lounge you could always change your mind later.

Another advantage to the lounge, besides the food choices, is that you are in the same room but with a better view out the “windows”. People with tables against the windows often have a limited view of what they can see out that window, while people further away get a broader view, out all the windows, and can see various effects that others miss.


Good to know that there are ARDs for the lounge. I expect that is the way I’ll go for a drink and maybe a snack. F&W is on when I’m going, so I plan on eating most of my EP meals at the booths.

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We’re planning to go for drinks and maybe a snack too. I offered Joe - a huge SW fan - the opportunity to build a droid or a lightsaber, but Space 220 was his choice of something special to do. We are doing Oga’s Cantina too. I’m looking forward to the cocktails at both :rofl:


I’m also hoping for Oga’s. I’m assuming that this is also an ADR?

Yes it is.

We got Oga’s the day before we went. . . We saw a lot of movement with those reservations in the 24 hours before, so don’t give up if you don’t get it initially!

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I have had dinner twice there and went to the lounge once. The dinner experience the second time was much better than the first, but I would not put it on the same level as CG or Jiko or FF or TT. Our experience in the lounge wasn’t great, but it was much cheaper and I would be willing to do it again for that reason.


We had rope dropped lunch there on opening day- we are a foodie family and we eat our way through disney.
As far as comparing it to other signature dining- food was on par (not my favorite but not the worst either)
Is it a must do for us every trip No! For us, table service there is a “special occasion kinda place”

If the lounge is a walk up and we are passing it I wouldn’t turn down a cocktail lol, but more effort than that and I am heading to Canada!

We ate there for dinner a few weeks ago. If we were going to do it again we would do lounge. Very expensive. Food was ok and decent experience.

We did lounge and then chose the full menu so if you want the luxury experience last minute or are starving it’s an option!

Thank you for all the responses - the lounge it is.

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do you have to eat in the lounge or can you get away with just a drink?
Not that I managed to book it. Was ready for the moment they opened the 60 day window but nothing! I’m finding that for a lot of the dining and for Savis Workshop. Nothing available.
But I’m so happy that we don’t need to do a pre flight Covid test that nothing will dampen my spirits! x

You can just drink. And yes, I’m also so happy about not having to covid test!

:laughing: It’s made my weekend! Thank you. You are always so brilliantly quick to reply. x

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Because I’ve always got my phone in my hand :joy:


I’m grateful for it!
Not this topic, but, GOTG - boarding group at 7 am for on site guests? Im off site so 9 am for me? By which time I guess I will struggle! x