Space 220 ADR...when do you all think?

I’m new to Disney planning. Wondering what the experienced people are thinking About when ADRs may open up? I’ve got an alert set, but just wondering what you may have seen in the past with this sort of stuff?
(And for an extra bonus question if you have a thought on it…do you think TSL EMM will ever return? Like by May?! Lol)

The latest “rumor” on Space 220’s opening is February 2020. It’s definitely getting closer to being ready. At this point it’s not about construction, but restaurant operations.

I suspect you’ll see TSL EMM this summer, once all of SW:GE and MMRR has been operating for a while.

So with that in mind, any thoughts on when ADRs may start booking? Do they wait until right up to opening or give it some lead time?

According to Jim Hill - Disney Dish Podcast - don’t be surprised if it’s just “Open” one day out of the blue for a soft opening. Once you hear that I’d expect ADRs to soon follow.


How exactly did you set an alert for this?

Mouse dining app. And TP dining alert app…but tbh, mouse dining alert always comes through a few minutes sooner for me!

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A lot of new in-Park restaurants have been opening without ADRs to begin with, so it could be a couple of months before they even take them once it does open.

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So it would be a walk-in deal? I hope not. They’re created a culture of needing to plan and it’s just crappy to keep adding stuff that can’t be planned.

(But I remember when I was young and went to DW that Cinderella’s Castle was totally a walk in situation. We went in the morning after a casual stroll up Main Street to make reservations for lunch, no problem. No rope dropping, no 180 days, nothing. So different now)

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I know Skipper’s was no ADR to begin with. And I think the new one in Japan was also. So it is not unheard of for them to open to walk-in only for the first few months.


Ok - so if it’s walk-in only, how do we make sure to get in? Do we “rope drop” the restaurant to get a time later in the day? Is it just something where you go and sit around until there’s a free table?

This restaurant is going to be popular and probably the next BOG. Skippers was not and the one in Japan is too expensive to be overly popular. I can see them doing a soft open and immediately opening ADRs. But months with no ADRs would create ridiculous demand, so I don’t see that happening.

There is buzz in communities like this that represent a small portion of the Disney visitors each year. It is not Star Wars. If it was in that area I would agreed.

But most people not “insiders” who I have been around when it is mentioned have had a reaction along the lines of “Why would you eat space food? And pay Disney prices to do it?”

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If you google Space 220, there are tons of blogs talking about it and they are giving updates. On multiple boards that I read there are watch threads and people asking for updates. I don’t think it is the food people care about, including my own family. It will be the experience. I did not see the same watch threads or anticipation for the Japanese restaurant or even the upcoming Toy Story restaurant that is to open this year. I’m not saying it is like Star Wars. I said BOG, which has been a hard to get ADR for years.

When we were planning a trip the same year BOG opened, prior to our trip they were not taking lunch ADR’s. I don’t 100% remember but I think they were doing dinner ADRs but not for lunch. I have recently looked back at previous emails regarding planning, and there is a whole conversation between my husband and me about how he would go wait in line to get into the restaurant if it turned out that Enchanted Tales took too long. Happily they did open up ADRs right before our trip and I was able to snag one. So, even BOG didn’t have the full ADR experience when it opened, for several months, if I remember correctly

So apparently my memory IS really bad. BOG was actually open for a long while before that trip. LOL, someone help this old bird out, were there only walk-ins available for lunch for a while?

I think the whole thing was walk-in only for a while.


I saw someone post they got hired for the restaurant as a server and will start mid March at opening. I never know what to believe when reading what people post.