So was just thinking of our last trip. Normally we don’t get “the typical” souvenirs as they are usually overpriced, not worth it and usually are not made well. When we have traveled - we try to get something of meaning and we can think of “where” it would live - once home.

This last trip to WDW / UNIVERSAL we did change our general mode. First off we bought more than usual - but they were all (in my opinion) really cool.

We got a topiary (giraffe) while in Epcot. The Flower and Garden show was going on. We weren’t sure if it would make it home or not - but it did no problem. How a month + later - it is thriving and has a prominent spot on a sunny windowsill.

The kids made lightsabers which continue to swish around the house.

Of course we got some T shirts as well

So what do other people get?


On my childrens first visit to WDW, DD11 at the time collected a couple of key rings from each park we went to. Not very original but she loves them! My other daughter had a Hermione Granger wand from Universal. On our last holiday we bought a Minnie Mouse in safari outfit from Animal Kingdom. We think she is really cool!

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I like to get Christmas ornaments and mugs.

I’d like to get more in the way of artwork. I dream of making a Disney room that is understated - in other words, Disney, but only if you KNOW Disney and not necessarily red and black and yellow :wink: Little nods to different parks or resorts or films. I’d love to do that.


We’ve Done Trading Pins Our Past 2 trips,Probably More Than Is Legal In Most states.Display Them Along With Other DisneY Souvenirs, Mickey Stickers ,SorcererS Of M.K. cards ,magic bands ,ect.all on poster sized cork boards ,hung in our living room with our lanards. “Classy” my wife says . Ds and I at least enjoy them.

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Oh yes! Pins!! :heart:

Definitely pins :slight_smile:

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I love to be in very serious meeting and take out one of my pens with Tinker or a Princess on it


We like to get Disney photo frames…it’s lovely to see photos out and remember the special times rather than trawling thru on the computer :smile:

Ornaments too.