Souvenir suggestions

I am going to make souvenir vouchers for my children, DD7 and DS4. It's our first visit to WDW, so I'm looking for your suggestions on what they might like to buy. I'm guessing they will at least 1 plush, but 1 is my limit wink. I'm also thinking that a Christmas ornament would be good. What else would you suggest? Many thanks

I would add a t-shirt and maybe one with just a dollar amount on it, like up to $15, so they can get any item that is under that amount.

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Fun plan! I would add a snack or two - maybe one frozen treat or one baked item or one treat shaped like Mickey? If they have a favorite character category (pirates, fairies, princesses, star wars, etc) you could make a coupon specific to that.

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I love your idea! One child might want Mickey ears while another might want something different. Letting them choose one item that falls within a set dollar amount is a great idea, @jlyn.

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One Plush
One Ornament
One Tshirt
One Light up toy
One Magnet for Fridge
One with a candy store limit
One Random with a limit
One autograph book
Any Pins??