Souvenir Regrets and Future Hope

As for Disney, at my Nov trip I saw a Loungefly mini backpack and also a Mickey pin that I didn’t manage to get. After a lot of searching I found both online once I was back home. At first it looked like the backpack was sold out (it was Xmas season after all) but it came back in stock. I’m so glad I found them but I learned the lesson to buy a Disney souvenir when you see it. The pin I wanted was everywhere in MK and I thought I had until the end of the trip to get it but then we were in Epcot and I think HS and it was nowhere in those parks. Or at our resort, AOA.

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I cut pirate’s league from our last trip due to time constraints. It was their first trip and we knew we would be back…now they won’t get to do it because they are closing it!