Souvenir policy

My wife ordered it. I’ll try to see if she still has the seller information and get back to you.

You don’t have the requisite security clearance to be informed of your list status.



(The fact that you aren’t on the list probably indicates you don’t have security clearance, since “the list” is a list of those with security clearance to see the list. By this reasoning, you aren’t on the list because if you WERE you would have clearance.)

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I rarely buy any souvenirs…If I can’t have the 40,000.00 Swarovski crystal Cinderella Castle, then why bother :wink:



Dh has the 2000ish version of this still new in the box. At the time he had a huge collection of various Lego Star Wars ships displayed around our office, but then when dd was born we redid the room as a nursery so all the ships went into storage and he never built the Falcon.

At some point he will pull it out and build it w/ our 12yo ds. :slight_smile:

Stepped on way too many lego pieces when my sons were younger - they have been banned from my house (at least until grand children :wink:

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I have the Lego version. Give me a few hours with a glue gun and some crystals and I could make it shine :joy:



Wait, what?

Glue gun and crystals and glitter makes everything perfect.


Um. Have you ever had kids and glitter together in the same room? There is nothing perfect about that at all! My kids once made a glitterized craft downstairs. A week later, I was still finding glitter in our bed!

Did you see my post? I buy 2 of them. Just in case one breaks. Gotta have the backup plan.

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Oh yeah. Many, many times. But I grew up with a mother and a grandma that covered everything with glitter at all times, so for me having glitter in every single room of the house is just normal.

Glitter is the STD of crafting and color guard! :wink:

Ah. I see. You’ve been defeated. But me? I’ll press on and fight the good fight! Absolutely NO glitter will cross our threshold!

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There’s a reason they call it craft herpes and glitter bombs are a popular revenge/prank idea

My boyfriend already lost that one :wink:

I do start to panic when I’m out shopping with my wife and she’s eyeing the glitter in the craft supplies. I have to distract her. “Ooh! Look honey! A planner!”


Or @DAD - since you have twin girls then yea you gotta get at least 2 - maybe 4

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