Southwest vouchers

Hey guys! We had booked a trip last October but had a family emergency and had to cancel. We are going now in September and had to wait until today when our southwest credits expired to turn them into luv vouchers as in sure some of you have done. They said it would take up to two weeks to get them but could be sooner. Has anyone had any experience with how long it took for them to get approved and emailed? The flight we want down there only has a few tickets left eek lol. Thanks for any answers in advance!

I have no idea to the answer but am curious what exactly you did? Had your vouchers expire and turn them into what?

So when southwest issues credits for a flight you can’t make due to an emergency or something of that sort those credits expire one year from the date of purchase. The credits are equivalent to the money you spent to book the initial tickets. However if you plan on flying on those credits past that one year (for example we bought our flights last year on June 7 and aren’t flying again until this year in September) you can call SW and have them turn those expired credits (but only can do this after they’ve expired so you run the risk this offer ends and you’re out of luck lol) into what they call a LUV voucher which is good for a one time six month extension. Caveat being that it costs 100 bucks per person to do this. But in our case it worked out so far because we spent 1425 last year and our potential flights this year will be 1049. So taking 100 per person from that initial 1425 (four of us) that will give me 1025 in vouchers and the flights will only cost us an additional 24 bucks lol. But it’s a great thing, albeit expensive at 100 per person, if you can’t fly before that year is up.