Southwest travel fund question

Quick question that hopefully some savvy SW flyers know the answer to.

I have a flight booked that I want to change to a different flight that is more expensive.

I have like 5 or 6 travel funds of smaller amounts that all together, would cover the change cost, but they only let you use 2 at a time.

If I book a cheap flight using these funds and then cancel the flight, do the funds get all lumped together into one new travel fund? That I could then use to cover the cost difference on the flight I want to change. I really don’t want to pay out of pocket when I have these funds sitting here that are due to expire in May.

I would call their support for help, they’re awesome! They can help you apply all funds.

Have you tried changing to the more expensive flight and just using all your travel funds? I used to think that the whole “can only use two rule” meant that I can only use two travel funds but I have used more than two successfully in the past. I might be wrong but I think the two they are referring to is forms of payment, such that if you want to use travel funds, luv vouchers and credit card, this is not possible. I’m interested to hear what others have to say though.

Yeah it isn’t letting me, it says that they can’t all be applied. I’ll call and see if they can do it manually. Hopefully their hold times aren’t insane today.


I think they have a way that they will call you back so you don’t have to wait??? It’s been awhile. I know I was on their site yesterday checking to see if my points will expire and they don’t YAY!!!

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Yeah I converted some funds to points when they had that offer, but these weren’t eligible.

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Well good luck resolving things in your favor :crossed_fingers:

I did this with 4-5 small amounts. I found an expensive flight, booked it with my funds that cancelled. I learned that if you book a refundable flight that is over the amount of funds you have you will get a refund for any amount you pay over the amount you have in funds then the fund will combine into one. You will end up with a new expiration date for the funds.

The answer to this is yes. Traditionally the expiration date for the new fund would then be the earliest date of expiration of any of the funds used for the flight. However I’m not certain if it is still that way as they have been more flexible in so many ways in 2020.

I have not heard of this before, using a refundable fare. How did they determine the expiration date of the newly combined travel fund?