Southwest Rapid Rewards flight

If we use my husband’s points to book a flight and he is A-list status should we still get early bird?

A list applies to the A-list holder only, not anyone else he’s travelling with. He can try to save you a seat, but you won’t be allowed to just skip everyone and board with him. And Southwest’s official seat saving policy is that they don’t have one. So anyone else is free to try to take the seats he’s saving, and the FA’s will do their best to stay out of it.

Basically, if it’s important to you that you board as close to him as possible, I’d say yes, buy EBCI.

Okay I will definitely buy early bird then! If he gets a higher number than me is he able to come back and board with me?

well i mean if he gets an earlier boarding number…

There is no problem with someone boarding later than they are supposed to, the only problem is boarding earlier.

So your husband can in fact choose to board with you.

My opinion, get the early boarding, let your husband board first if he can, and let him try and reserve a seat for you, if he is unable to when you board he can join you and find another seat.

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Awesome thanks! Now is there a way for just ME to get early bird where he will already be A status? Will I need to book separately?

you can buy it for just you. Go to the website, get your reservation, buy early bird, and it should have a checkbox for which passenger(s) you want to buy it for.

awesome thanks!