Southwest lowered flights Sept

My flights lowered for Sept, got a $44 credit. MIght want to check yours.


Thanks for the heads up!!

How long is the credit good for?

1 year from the time you purchased the original tickets.

How do you check if you got a credit?

They won’t give it to you, without you changing the flights. Change the flights but, put the same flights back in. If they are cheaper it will show, if they are the same or more, just cancel out.

I just call, say the cost of my flight decreased, and they issue me a credit. No flight changing, cancelling or anything. And never a long wait on the phone.


My return flight has lowered again, got some more credit.

We are trying to get my step son flown out from PHX to MCO - Prices on SW never drop for this!

Thanks for heads up regarding the Southwest lower fares for September! Just got at $51 credit.


72 hours sale started this morning. I got another credit!

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Another sale today, both of my flights went down again! Got another $36 credit! Check your flights people!

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Just got another $70 credit today! I have lowered mine by $181 so far!

Did you buy yours direct from SW or broker (Priceline, Travelocity?)

Sw app

On hold Thank you.

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Glad I could help, don’t forget to tell us how much you saved.

Yeah if I get through I have been on hold for a half hour. Sigh.

My app was not working correctly, so I called they said 72 minutes hold time, so I tried it on the web page and it worked fine.

I am afraid to screw something up. I have a nice headset for my phone and balancing my checking account while on hold.