SouthWest Flights thru Nov.5 Open

I felt like I was watching the stock market today. I’m really hoping for drop closer to my trip. That has typically been the pattern out of Louisville.

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Bumping this up as Southwest has just opened their schedule through March 8 2023


Thanks! Sadly, it looks like the base price is my area is going to permanently stay at $300 round trip. Until the May of this year it was $150. I really wanted to renew my Universal AP for 2023, but the flights starting at double the price makes that too much.

Sorry to hear that. The basis for my flights were 163 dollars each way. I don’t anticipate the outbound flight dropping price, but I think my returns could drop to 99 at some point.

At least I booked all of the rest of my 2022 travel dates early. The only tickets that were more than $200 round trip were for December.

It’s probably a good thing… By the end of 2022 I will have stayed at Universal at least 5 weeks! That’s a pretty good year (Still only spending about as much as 7 - 10 days at WDW!)

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For Costco members who like to book southwest on cash/gift cards, they are offering $500 gift cards for 449.99

Still not many options for direct flights out of PHL. Looks like only Saturdays still. So even though the prices look like they are coming down I still wont book. Cant do a long weekend. Looks lile AA will be keeping my business for now :woman_shrugging:

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Yes unfortunately. No direct flights out of PHL. AA hub is in Philly that’s why they have so many flights.

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CVG coming up the same way, planned a Saturday down and Tuesday home. We can’t drop or add that many days to get us to another Saturday. Even then it’s $291/person.

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I here ya…the best I can fo is fly down sat and Home sunday :roll_eyes: sooooo many 1 and 2 stop flights though…do people really book those?

When they have no choice, yup. :disappointed:

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Your right… I guess if that was the only option you have there is no other choice. We were spoiled for so.long, with direct flights everyday of week and multiple times per day. The non direct flight also tend to be cheaper so on a budget a 150 dollar one stop flight may be appealing if the only other option in a 350 non stop. I have used AA the last three times I flew to MCO…they were just fine and the prices are comparable so options for the win.

What’s crazy is that those flights are often more than direct.


Thats just depressing…i think if I couldnt get a direct flight at all I would suck it up and take the long drive. :crazy_face: I dont think I could pay more for a non-direct flight and do more than 2 airports with my family of 5 . My DH doesnt mind driving but I always say fly becuase it would always save time and that was more important to me. Plus… I hate driving.

This is why we spring for AA. Tons of direct and good times. Frontier times are horrible and when you add all the extras it’s not that much cheaper.

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I’ve got IND, SDF & CVG within a maximum 90 minute drive of home. It’s surprising 3 airports and none offer direct daily for Southwest. So far the only airline I’ve found with direct daily is Delta at CVG.

Yeah as cheap as sprit and frontier seem I will pay extra to fly AA. Those airlines just dont appeal to my family. The cost in bags alone would make up for the cost difference. We get free bags on AA.

I checked out AA, since you spoke so highly of it. Sadly, the starting price is $435 round trip. uugghhhh… It just means I need to really appreciate these next few months of travel, that I booked months ago, before taking a year off flights in 2023.

No it’s not cheap but it’s the only airline with both direct flights and decent times. And with an assigned seat, checked and carry-on fees with Frontier it’s not much more. SW offers no direct flights from PHL - it’s ridiculous.

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AA prices do fluctuate A LOT. Worth keeping you eye on them. I have seen the same flights range from 260 to 540 during a week span. Unlike Southwest where the prices are generally the lowest when first released and then barely change. A comparable flight (day and time) has been 360 one way for over 2 months on SW.

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