SouthWest Flights thru Nov.5 Open

Flights have opened on SouthWest through Nov. 5

Every flight I checked started at $150. By the time I finished booking my September trip direct flights / best times were already at $187.

Maybe it’ll calm down later and better rates will be available, but I jumped on it due to fuel price uncertainties these days. If the price does drop you can do a price adjustment and get the difference in flight miles.


For my market their lowest price to MCO is $179 :nauseated_face:

Booked it anyway for the return.

For the flight down I had enough points to book that way

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Yeah… I’m really hoping that $79 flights come back ASAP.

tbh - I’m more concerned about Uber/Lyft prices. I tried to take one here at home last week to go pick up my car in shop. What was normally a $7 ride was $30!! Hopefully, they’re not inflated 4x as much when I get to MCO

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Ugh! Cheapest non-stop flight I could get was $240 out of Philly! Gag me!

Absolutely horrid :frowning:

what dates were those?

Leaving for WDW October 29th. American is cheaper by $40 but I have points I need to burn. Return trip will likely be american since SW has benn hit or miss with direct flight on any day but saturdays.

There’s almost nothing nonstop from my market anymore either, and those nonstops don’t seem to survive the consolidation process that happens much closer to the actual travel date.


I know. That is what happened to our flight in June. Our nonstop turned into a 2 stop 8 hour flight…and with no other direct flights available that was a quick cancel.


We rebooked with AA though, so still going to WDW…had to pay out of pocket cause, no points, but we will try them out. I have never flown anyone but SW in the last 15 or so years so I dont know anything else. They were always the best price and option for our family.

This is the song so many of us are singing. I wonder if Southwest is listening.

In November I flew Jet Blue - it was the first time we didn’t fly Southwest in as long as you have shared. I flew a combination of southwest and Delta in January. And coming up in a few weeks we will fly American.

Southwest’s fares are neither convenient nor affordable anymore. And it makes us so sad because we have always luv’d them.

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I did go back and check to see if AA, Delta or United were any better. SW did come out cheaper by $50 - $100+.

However, Memphis literally has the highest airport taxes in the country. It’s so frustrating because it’s high, but just low enough that driving to Nashville or Little Rock to get a cheaper flight doesn’t make sense unless you have a large group. :man_shrugging:

For me it’s a combination, though, of schedule and fare. It might save me $50 but cost me 6 or more hours. So then is it worth it, you know?

Worse still, even traveling to a distant airport 2hrs away (when MHT is literally in my backyard) doesn’t offer any savings or schedule improvement anymore.

Ha…like what you did there

But yes…I think their time has past for us sadly and I have written them emails about my disapointment. I recieved a “sorry and hopefully you will fly with us in the future”. Ummmm…that is exactly the oposite of what I was telling them lol. If american works out…thier prices are comparable and their loyalty points system is improving.

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Booked flights this morning. My flight home has gone from $150 to $173 to $203 to $216 from 7:30 this morning to 5PM. Flights to/from Louisville MCO were $150 each way. Was expecting $121. Luckily I had points to book both legs. Typically cheapest flights are around 45-60 days before we leave but I wasn’t willing to play chicken with southwest. I want to get to Disney two days before out Disney Cruise and fly out the afternoon we get back from the cruise.

Flight to MCO has a short layover in Atlanta and doesn’t land until 11:05 PM. So much for a full day at POFQ. So now I’m thinking DS and I can fly out Wednesday instead of Thursday for the same price, same time on Wednesday, book room at ASMusic then get up and move to POFQ before noon Thursday. DH can join us on Thursday. Flight home is direct.

I lucked out last year with the SW change thingy and got to change both flights to non-stops when they rearranged the schedule after I had booked. Flight prices also went down in August before the October trip. Fingers crossed.


I’ve told my DD20 that if she can work it out, she’s invited on my Sept. trip. (She’s never been to HHN either!) I’m worried that by the time late Aug. comes around and she knows if she can go that prices will be crazy. I guess we’ll see!

I’m hoping to be at WDW for my 50th birthday in September but I don’t know the exact days we’d be able to go. I have SW points to use but I’ll bet they cost will keep going up until then. I need to get my travel companions to commit!

My flight down increased by nearly $100 today since it went on sale; my return flight is sold out.

We purchased out May/June SW flights on release day and paid $1600 RT for our family of 5, which at the time was paaaaainful to do because typically we can fly through SW for under $1000. I really hesitated to purchase at the time but so glad I did! The same flight is now $5,000. :scream:

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Geez Louise!