Southwest fare change for fall

Just got almost 4000 points back each on our flight from MCO back home in October. Check ya fares daily folks!


Finally booked flights for Oct. Made me sad to do it since I had managed to get my April flights down to $90 round trip, and had enough credits to take another trip for free, perhaps to the mountains or the beach when all this craziness is over. But had to use all of the credits for October. Oh well… :frowning:

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I got $2.01 back :sweat_smile:

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Hey that’s almost half a Mickey Bar!


When is your October visit scheduled?

Mine, with DD for her sweet 16 celebration, is 10/15-19

I bought points the other day through SW and purchased the flight home. Now we just going back points instead of travel funds which would expire!

earlier than you :frowning:

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Also, I checked out my Travel Funds, which were set to expire in October of this year. They have now been extended to 2022. So yay!


Nice! Saved $43! On top of the $200 I saved from changing the trip the first time from June to July. We will probably need it to change the trip again, but I’m holding on for the moment.

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Checked our travel funds and now see the updated expiration date of Sept 7, 2022!


@OBNurseNH - Thanks! I had been checking often, but got lazy with lack of Disney excitement ATM. I was able to get $150 per person in SW Flight Miles back on my DLR flights because they had dropped so much.

The operator said the miles will be good through 9/7/22

It only costs about $200 to fly to MCO from TN. Now, my WDW 50th Anniversary flight is bascially paid for!


Well that was short-lived. I rebooked the same flight on Tuesday (was it Tuesday? It’s all one big day) and got a credit, then last night southwest changed BOTH my flights on me! Now instead of going to Orlando they’re sending me to Baltimore (no thanks) and the nonstop return flight was switched to one with two stops. Also, no thanks.

Guessing a lot of people are spending a lot of time on the phone with southwest today.

Yes, that stuff happened to me and that’s when I requested a refund. I used the chat on their app and it was very quick to take care of with little to no wait time.


off to check

Trips stand unaffected. :crossed_fingers:

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Oooooh we will (hopefully) be there 10/17-26!

No decrease in our flights yet though! I was pretty happy with MHT prices anyway.

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They were quite decent.

But, I was very happy that just the night before when we booked I had purchased points instead of booking with cash money. Now we got points back that don’t expire and can be transferred instead of “travel funds” that often time end up being useless.

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Just want to point out that Southwest is now allowing free changes for flights in May, June and at least early July. Looks like they will let you move flights up to 30 days out at no additional charge. I was able to walk my low fare from May out to August by changing in steps to June, then July and then to our reschedule date in August. The latest date I can confirm allowing free changes is July 10.

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Are they not releasing flights through Jan 4th today? I am still not seeing anything.

The last I saw, that was supposed to happen May 28th.

@lindsayvrsmith has is correct. It changes frequently.