Southwest change fare thingie is back

It is.

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So, you currently have the red bar?

Yes. For flights on 10/9 and 10/16.

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Hmm… Dan’s Deals is not showing it as being alive again. Maybe they haven’t updated their website yet.

It showed up yesterday. May not be for every flight.

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Thanks for the heads up!

@Wahoohokie, are you currently seeing red bars for your August flight?

I do not have any red bars for my Aug/Oct/Nov flights but yesterday I received an email that my 10/7 flight had changed and I was able to change it free (as hoped) to a nonstop on 10/11, but I had to call to do it. I could not get the free change online.

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Nope. l have flights in July, August, September, and October and none of them have bars.

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By any chance does anyone spot any change fare options for September?

Nothing for my flights on 9/20 and 9/27.

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Thank you.

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I just got a change for mid September


What are your dates?

Sept 15 - 19

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Red bar or email?

My DH has a possible college visit flight booked (just in case visits open up!) mid-Sept on SW in which both flights have now changed. In the app, there is a little red exclamation mark on top and notice that “your trip has been modified” when I click on the flight. It says a one-time free change is available. However, when I try to look at rebooking for the next week it says “no flights are available” after 6 days out. Not sure if they are reworking that weeks schedule now or what…the change moves the return time earlier so that there isn’t much time for a visit and flight home the same night. But it looks to me like the widely available free changes we had are over.

For my market there are some locations to which they only fly once a week anymore. It’s awful

This is actually STL-BOS and back and it didn’t even show connecting flights. Hard to believe they would not fly that route at all for several days running. Something is up.

AND I just got notice that Frontier just cancelled our flight back for 8/7. Grrrr.