Southwest change fare thingie is back

We also cannot leave a day sooner due to DD6’s dance recital.

Oh dance. We love you. But you make life hard :joy::joy:

That’s exactly what I ended up doing. I was supposed to get into Orlando on Saturday afternoon (Aug 21). Then SW cancelled my ONT-DEN leg. And I missed the change notification. So…I started looking at options. There are no SW nonstop flights to Orlando out of Southern CA. So then I looked at my options on Friday. I’m currently maxed out on my PTO at work so one more day off isn’t going to kill me. I found a flight that worked. Downside is it gets into MCO at 10:30pm. Upside is I’ll have all day Saturday to do non-park stuff!

However, given that the flight that SW cancelled was on August 21, I don’t hold out much hope that the changes are over.

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The red bar is back again for my flights on 7/23, 7/27, and 8/6. Are you still planning on booking flights for August? If so, this weekend might be the time to try out this trick.

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The red bar for my June flights only stuck around for a few days and I never did get any schedule changes. I meant to update but kind of forgot about it as I was just relieved. I wonder if they are making smaller adjustments now. I found a blog post that says the current dates are 7/4-8/7.

Blog? Care to share??

Thanks for letting me know!

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I found this one a couple weeks ago, it’s updated pretty regularly when there are changes for dates.


That’s the one I saw.

I have a Disney cruise booked for October (fingers crossed) and booked flights. They are way more than I’ve ever paid to get to Orlando. Booked the trip there and back as two separate legs. The flight back leaves MCO at 7:10 AM and has TWO stops on the way home. It was the only flight under $220. I really, really hope it get to change it. Most of the wanna get away prices are booked for the day we need to go home now and the next level flights are $500±-For one way.

Southwest has been really high lately. I had to break my allegiance to them for my September solo trip because the difference between them and Frontier was exhorbitant. Add in that I can fly out of my regional airport that’s 5 miles away instead of Philly only added to it.

What gets me is that their fares are higher and yet they keep canceling/consolidating flights and I cannot get a nonstop out of Southern California at all. Now I guess I should be grateful for a decent-priced ONE STOP flight. What even?


Yeah we have been huge SW fans for many years. That is really becoming less of a thing. The absence of nonstop flights would be a nonstarter if we hadn’t already purchased fares; I feel we should be able to be refunded since what they sold us is not even an option now.


The thing I love about SW is how easy it is to make changes to your flight (just pay the difference!) and they still have the 2 checked bags free but, man, the constant messing around with flight schedules is irritating at best. I hope they get it together with their flight schedules and stop making so many changes. Also, a nonstop out of Southern CA would be nice!

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Haha but lately they make so many changes to your plans on your behalf that it is a complete necessity and not just a feature anymore.


I was not quite ready to pull the trigger yet on flights for August. Family’s plans and schedules are still uncertain. I have been checking Dan’s Deals frequently (TY @Disneymom33 :slight_smile:) and it looks like the deal is off again for now. If you see it come back, will you please give me another heads up? My tentative dates are 8/13 - 8/19. Thanks so much! :heart:

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Sure! The red bar has been present the last 2 weekends, disappearing by Monday morning. I am curious to see if it returns this weekend as well.

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@OBNurseNH, I am looking at an offer for the SW RR Credit Card to earn 65K Points after spending $2K in 1st 3 mos. When I click on the screen to compare cards, it looks like the cheapest one that includes 4 upgraded boardings carries an annual fee of $149? That seems inconsistent with your previous post in this thread? Has something changed?

Here is the link to the current SW offer:

Mine is I think 79 a year. It worked out to be far less expensive than the free upgrade the boarding. I don’t really follow the authors much and to be perfectly honest I don’t follow my credit accounts very closely either because I don’t carry balances so I’m really not the best person to ask and there are better people who are more in the know about all of these things. I just know that I get my free upgraded boarding with my annual fee which is definitely less than $150 a year

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@Randall1028 can you comment on the SW RR credit card offer? (See my previous post and question to OBNurseNH.) I think I read a comment of yours in someone’s recent trip report about taking advantage of this SW offer?