Southwest change fare thingie is back

The window seems to be later than 7/17, yesterday I got the red banner for our flights on 7/27. I did not get the banner for our 8/7 return flight though (the one I really need to change due to a wedding).

I got one on my 7/31 flight yesterday too as they had rejiggered the flights for that day and the one I had booked no longer existed. Going off Dans Deals for the date range as I’m not sure if all flights that late in July were included or just specific ones. It does seem to fluctuate sometimes faster than he keeps up with on his site though. Actually just checked again and my June 18 and 22 flights do not have red bars any longer, only the 7/31. So maybe the wider offering for June-July is over?

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Bars were there early this morning (6am central) for my 6/14-6/23 dates and they are gone now!

our trip dates are 6/12-6/19…so a Saturday to Saturday

The only good thing about the crazy early flights is that our airport should be relatively empty and quiet at 4:00 AM (for a 5:30 AM flight) on a Saturday. I’m pretty sure the only people there will be families going to WDW like us.

We will be keeping our travel agent updated on our flight numbers since we’ll be using DME. At least we’ll have all of our bags when we arrive at MCO and won’t have to wait to have them delivered to us later on. Yes I am knocking on wood as I type this because I don’t want Southwest to lose our bags. :wink:

Hello! It’s been a rough few months for my family, so I haven’t been keeping up like I should. I tried reading back through this whole thread but gave up! SW just changed our July flights that were timed to perfection to a later arrival flight. Is there any point in looking every day to see if other times open up, or are we just stuck with the new time? I will say, I am relieved that it is still nonstop!

I don’t think they will add any new flights in July, but if there are other flights now that you would prefer, you can change for free. But with Southwest I keep checking all the time anyway, so it might be worth checking now and then.

Thanks! I’ll take a look. I’m pretty sure we’re stuck with it. If I remember correctly, there were very few nonstop flights.

I’m glad I checked in to this post before I booked airfare for my solo trip in September. I almost always fly SW out of PHL, but there’s almost no nonstop flights but and I’m a little concerned about all the shenanigans that’s been happening. I don’t need the free bags this time as I’ll be doing carry on only. I might just go with another carrier until SW gets it’s shit together.


It is disappointing the lack of nonstop flights with SW just now.

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And I just hate layovers. Every time you stop, you’re increasing the odds of a delay or a cancellation, or lost bags if your checking them through.
Plus I’m noticing that SW is weirdly expensive compared to even the legacy carriers right now out of PHL.

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I have two legs each way on SW for my Aug trip. I’m figuring something will be jacked before I’m on my way. I don’t care so much on the way back but on the way there I’m getting up at a ridiculously early hour to catch the first flight out of Ontario, California and have the plan to get into MCO around 3:30pm. I haven’t made any plans that day but I’ll be less than pleased if I get bumped to a later flight.


So…I went to check my SW flight to Orlando on Aug. 21. It looks like they completely canceled my ONT-DEN leg of the flight to Orlando. On the way back they changed my departure time from Orlando to Phoenix by 10 mins (made it 10 minutes earlier) but the arrival in Phoenix is 45 minutes later. I don’t get it but whatever.

So now I get to try to construct a new flight to Orlando. Yay! What I really wish is that there was a red eye somewhere that I could get in at areasonabke time in the morning but the last red eye arrival is like 1:40am which, no…

And of course I missed my rebook window. Oops!