Southwest change fare thingie is back

Umm… why isn’t anyone else posting their unfortunate experience with this SW situation? I am beginning to think that I was singled out? :unamused:

My trip has a red banner again… hope this doesn’t mean they are about to change my flights :sob:

My trip is 5.30-6.6


I have a “dummy” trip booked with points 5/17-5/22 to test the lowest-fare-exclusion thing discussed above and it does have the red banner now. My real flight 6/14-6/23 does not have it (yet).

I have it as well for 5/14-5/16. It was not there yesterday.

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The last few times it has appeared on Wednesdays.

I have it now too. They added another flight on 5/15, so at least I was able to move our return from 2:10 PM to 3:40 PM :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ooooooh my ultra cheap flight has the banner now too!!


Go get 'em!

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Thank you, thank you friends! That’s over 20,000 points off my original flight!


Woot woot!

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There you go! A little good news! Keep checking!

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Oops. Wrong thread :wink:


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Kept checking all day yesterday. 7:30 PM flight was still unavailable. Then, late last night it suddenly became available again, so I grabbed it. Now, our trip is back on schedule and we can go to a park on day of departure! Thanks everyone for the encouragement! :slightly_smiling_face:


Well, it looks like there’s another problem with the MAX 8. They aren’t disclosing which airlines have the group of planes with the issue, but if it’s SW I expect schedule changes are coming :weary:

ETA was just looking at some news and SW says it removed 30 planes from service as of today. So hopefully not too much of an impact?

Efffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffing noooooooooooooooooooooooo!

The red bars are there tor me today and they weren’t there yesterday. I was on last night adding Early Bird for our 6/1 return flight, but I was holding off on the flight there because I’m not sure we will need it at our home airport. My flights are direct and perfect and it will upset me greatly if they change them!

No red bars here. We are leaving a week from tomorrow. Our flights are nonstop and perfect also. Please don’t change them SW!!!

I still have red bars. Oh, please don’t change my flights again! :fearful:

@poohfanclub your story about getting bumped is largely why I added the Early Bird! My fares weren’t dirt cheap but low enough that I was worried. I figured the EB would be a little bit of insurance against that happening.

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