Southwest Boarding Pass Question

We leave tomorrow for WDW on an early flight on Southwest. I paid for Early Bird for myself, my husband, and our two kids. I am able to print the kids boarding passes but for my husband and myself, it says “please visit the ticket counter to check-in”. There’s no special tickets and my kids are 7+ so not sure why my husband and I cant get our boarding passes ahead of time. I called customer service and after waiting for 75 minutes was told this just happens sometimes. Has this happened to anyone else, just wondering what the issue could be?

That used to happen all the time to me years ago. Finally I was told my son’s name was the same as someone on the Do Not Fly list. They needed to check his ID to clear us.

I am adding that SW ALWAYS gave us a C boarding pass because of this. If that happens, get a refund.

Flagged for extra security checks I’d say. It happened to DS and my mum last trip.

Yeah, that happened to me a few years ago. It’s a random security thing.

Look for SSSS on your boarding pass when you get it. You will be pulled out of the line before you board the plane to have your carry-on hand-searched.