Southwest Airlines and Magical Express

During my last visit, I flew in and out on Southwest but ME would not allow me to use resort check-in for my flight out.

Is that still the case?

Hmm - Southwest is on the participating airlines list, so you should be able to do resort check-in. Were you on a code-share flight operated by another airline, like Air Tran?

In November we flew round trip on Southwest from Milwaukee. Stayed at All Star Movies and had no issue either way. Worked great both ways.

In mid-December my friends used resort check-in at All-Star Sports for their Southwest flight home and had no problems.

@brklinck now that I think about it, that was indeed the case.

So I guess my question now is: Since the SW/Air Trans merger is complete, this issue has gone away, right?

How long ago was your last trip? There was a time when Southwest didn’t do resort check-in, but that has since been remedied. We flew Southwest for our last trip (July 2013), and we were able to use ME with resort check-in then.

You ought to be fine.

@alkroll Our last trip was December 2013. The problem was the flight in and out were on a Southwest flight operated by Air Tran after SW purchased Air Tran but before their merger was complete. The merger went final in May 2014 so I’m hoping the issue is resolved.

We flew out on AirTran (owned by SWA) last fall and had no problems checking in for our flight at the resort.

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Thanks, @PianoMinnie. I was hoping that was the case.

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