Southern States/Local Discount

So after receiving the crowd tracker update for our trip at the end of the year (received yesterday and everything went way down), and just seeing the new discount we could use as SC residents…i am REALLY tempted to do our trip. I would canx current rez and rebook at the better rate. Before, this news…we were leaning to moving back. Also, we just had friends go and LOVE it in its less crowded state.

Anyone else?

The reservation system is still daunting where I have to know exactly which park I am going to, but I guess I did that prior with FP+ reservations.

anyone know- If we buy 3 day ticket and extend while there, is the extension discounted or full price (i.e separate 2 day ticket)?

We are booked at CBR, but at the new price…Animation suites has openings…??

Still deciding, but I am very intrigued and I know they need the visitors.

Thanks for any insight!

I think you can extend with out paying for new tix. Also, this morning, I “changed” my res online and it gave me the option to use the discount (wasnt showing available for my room yesterday, today it did!) I would do that rather than canceling. Keep modifying till u get what u want.

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You shouldn’t have to cancel. You can call them up and modify your existing reservation to the new rate (unless you plan to change to a different resort altogether).

It isn’t so bad. There is still plenty of availability at the moment.

You can upgrade as long as you do it before your final day. But what I understand is that they charge you the “per day” rate, not the differential. Which could mean you end up paying more than you might if you bought all days ahead of time.

To illustrate, I’ll make up some numbers. Let’s say that for 3 days, the price of the ticket is $300. The price for a 4-day is $350. Now, the price-per-day of the 3-day is $100. The price-per-day of the 4-day is $87.50. If you upgrade, I think they will charge you $87.50. Which means you end up paying $387.50 for 4 days instead of $350. However, there has been mixed reporting on this. The way it SHOULD work is that they just charge you the difference between a 3-day and a 4-day ticket ($50 in this made-up example). If they don’t, you might want to ask why.

They do indeed. More people need to go so that they can start opening more up, which will in turn cause more people to what to go…

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