SOTMK Question

How much time does each segment, or adventure take? We have done Agent P and the kids loved it, so we thought we would give this a try. I am just not sure how to add it in my TP.

I don’t know if this is still true but when we went in 2016 this was one of my son’s favorite things at WDW & this is what we found from our 2 MK days:

We got the magic band setup & got our first cards (each person in our family got 5 for free each day!) at the Fire Station in Main St. Waiting in line for this & then getting setup took probably about 20 min. But it may have just felt long too & I’m not sure if there’s a better time to go & get setup than others, we just did it first bc we were there & excited about it!

We spent about ~5min at each “portal” and each adventure sent you to 3-4 portals in the same land. After each adventure ended we could choose any other land to go to next, there wasn’t a set sequence or order we had to do them (similar to Agent P). The only one you have to do in any order is the first one in Main St (I believe), but you’re there to get setup anyway, so it’s convenient!

I didn’t have it in our touring plan & we just did adventures where we were already planning to be based on our touring plan. If you really wanted to account for it in the plan, you could insert a 20 min break where they fit best in your TP & just plan to do whatever adventure in that land.

We also didn’t need to immediately move on to the next portal/adventure ever as the game saved our progress. I also heard that the progress would be saved for a year (or maybe 2 even) as long as the Magic Band was active still. We never made it back to check if that was the case, but we hope to start again next trip & maybe get future trips beyond that back in time to keep progressing where we left off :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much!! That really helps!

Wow this seems really interesting. How have I never heard of this? And how does it compare to Agent P’s (which I’ve heard from multiple sources is a must do for my DS9, DS7, and DD5 who love Phineas and Ferb).