Sort of Sana'a

Missing one of my favorite spots so got some takeout tonight



:yum::yum::yum: That looks good.
I hope you enjoyed it while being safe at home :+1:t2:


Great now I’m hungry, guess I’ll get up and cook now. THANKS!


It was delicious!!!


Just curious, why does she have to be at home? Personally, I have been out to eat dozens of times at this point.

Mmm! We had similar takeout tonight, but no pic because it’s long gone. :yum:

Eh, delicious food is delicious either way, and the inconvenience of avoiding groups is temporary in the scale of one’s lifetime. ETA: My area is back to allowing 100% capacity which is outside my comfort zone. I have enjoyed outdoor seating at a local favorite several times.


AKA not at WDW

Which I would be okay with but my state and my employer are not, so… :woman_shrugging:

What did you enjoy?

I had chicken tikka masala and an order of naan with three sauces and an extra side of the tamarind chutney (my fave)


Saag paneer and vegetable biryani for me! Chicken tikka masala would be just fine though! :smile:

With regular and garlic naan, of course!

We order way more than needed because I have a weird obsession with eating Indian or Thai leftovers for breakfast.

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I had only half of mine too, but I’ll have my leftovers for lunch, thank you! :slight_smile:


OP was lamenting the fact that she wasn’t somewhere else so I was simply making a positive statement about her current location.

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I totally missed part of the OP statements so that’s why I misunderstood your statement. Thanks