Sorry, but we are unable to complete your purchase online at this time. Please call (407) W-DISNEY or (407) 934-7639 for assistance, or try again later

We are booked for first week in April — but now knowing if WDW will re-open we decided to book our backup plan for October – I found the room, entered all the info, checked out the cart, entered the payment info and…

Sorry, but we are unable to complete your purchase online at this time. Please call (407) W-DISNEY or (407) 934-7639 for assistance, or try again later.

I know that calling would be ridiculous now. Is anyone seeing errors booking Disney hotel rooms on the website? This was March 15 in the evening when I got this error. Anyone know how to get around the error?

I just did the same thing and got the same message. I switched to Incognito chrome browser and it went through. Might be worth a try


Got a similar error when I when to look at how to change ticket dates… Just giving it a while.

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Ok, a couple of things to add:

  1. This may have been a user error (aka my error). I finally noticed that I entered my 12 year old as an adult, which is the case for tickets, but NOT for rooms. So where it asked for an “Adult 18+” I selected “Sarah (12)” from the drop-down. Now, computers should be good at detecting that and telling me as I select it, but in this case it did not, and I think that may be why I got the error when I tried to submit the entire form

  2. But we will never know because on a lark I called, and instantly got through. I could not believe it, but the Cast Member said I called at a good time and she was incredibly helpful

  3. The cast member pointed out that the way I was going to do it, which was room only, would require to be re-booked as a package later if my primary trip got cancelled and I tried to move the tickets forward. This brings up the interesting point that only Cast Members can book packages with ZERO (0) park days – the website does not appear to give this option

  4. maybe #1 was not the issue after all - now I cannot even load the home page. It goes to whats called a “virtual waiting room”, which in my case shows a cartoon Millennium Falcon – this is common for web-pages that are past capacity. It’s been on that waiting room page for minutes now

Great tip! I tried that, and even tried an entirely new browser. In my case that was not a fix though

I got this error message all weekend, trying to book a backup trip. I even tried incognito. I finally called and, like you, spoke to a super kind CM right away. I booked room only- I WILL have to transfer tickets as well. You say they’ll have to rebook as a package? I wonder if having to book them as a package will make me ineligible for room-only discount, because that would really suck. I don’t think there’s ever discounts on packages, are there?

Sorry, I should have been more clear. I have a package NOW, so if I need to cancel and move everything to October I still want to have a package then. That is my case – sounds like yours is different.

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I actually mis-spoke. You can book a package with NO tickets, but only through a cast member (not online)