Sorcerers question

I’m looking for more information about the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom. Should we pick up cards when we enter the park? Is it played throughout the MK or in a land? Is it like Agent P and we get a gizmo? How many times an we play in a day? How lucky nag willit take?

My kids played the last time I took them. You get the cards and there is a map. Each land has different stations and they are played using your magic band :slight_smile: If you want to play you would have to get your key activated and get your cards. They will give you a map. You can buy more cards or you can get more cards each day that you are there. You can play for as long as you like :slight_smile:

Okay, thanks. I will remember to pick up our cards when we arrive at the park.

We met a lovely lady that gave us about 4 bazillion doubles 2 years ago. So from 3 cards DD and 20+. I’m not really sure this made the slightest difference but it made DD happy was a really kind thing to do. Of course this trip they are currently 3000 miles away under DDs bed. :-/ Thank goodness for the leveraged inheritance.

That’s awesome my youngest daughter lost hers on one of the days we were there. She had about 30 :(. I guess we got to start all over :slight_smile:

Just remember, each day after the initial sign up day, you must play your next portal before getting a new pack a cards. So, you can go to any portal and it will remind you (if you’ve forgotten) which is your next portal. You must open it. Then they will give you that day’s cards.

When you start, you can also request which land to start in, if you know where you want to do rides after finishing with SOTMK.

About how long does it take at each portal?

I had noted to stop each day for cards even though we don’t plan on playing (just so we could have something neat and different as a souvenir). It sounds like if we don’t play we can’t get another day’s cards?

Last time I was at wow, ds13 and I spent some time playing. The problem is the lines at each portal, and what level they’re at. Also how many sets they are playing with. There was 1 couple, about 25, who played 4 seta at each turn. Sometimes a cm asked them to rejoin the line but not always. Also you can be sent to and fro around Adventureland for example. So you have to visit the portals in the right order, working out the next one from the clues given to you at each portal.

To answer your question, we played in Main Street and adventure land, 2 games and it took us around 2.5 hrs. That was in July. Usually the lines had between 6 and 10 people (or families) at each portal. Having tried it first on a couple of the portal Windows, we had come to MK for a morning just to play it.

I wouldn’t attempt it if you’re following a tip!

That should have said don’t attempt it if you’re following a tp!

Good to know, we were planning to do this but are newbies. Is it not apparent from the maps which order you are supposed to hit the portals, or you just randomly figure it out when you play? Also we were thinking of wilderness explorers, is it a similar format?

Not tried wilderness explorers so can’t comment.

It was fairly new when we were there. (2012) The map showed the whole park with the location of each portal window marked. I’m fairly sure the order you visited them in varied from player to player. Certainly the Windows weren’t numbered or anything.

Without spoiling it too much, there’s a story for each game and when you play your card a new challenge is given, with a clue to the next location. There was a picture of the portal surroundings to help you find it.

Maybe someone who’s played it more recently can help more. It was great fun, but we were lucky to have the time to set aside a couple of half days to play rather than do rides. To be honest I started to get tired of it after an hour or so, probably not helped by the heat. It’s a distraction! Not for those who want to do as much as possible in a day. The problem is, kids love it and I saw some who had a melt down when it was time to move on.

I’m hoping to visit with my nephews in the next couple of years, and would love to do it with them. But I would plan a morning or afternoon for it, leaving my brother and sil to go enjoy some time on their own.

@sarahraegraham Yes, you need to visit your next assigned portal (so try remember it from the end of you last round of play — or visit the first portal you come to and it will remind you where you need to go) before you can collect the new day’s set of cards.
This was a pain in the neck for us as we were in the middle of a game in Fantasyland so we had to go all the way into the park to open the portal, then go back to the Firehouse to get that day’s cards. I guess we could have just picked them up on the way out that day…

Re Wilderness Explorers. Totally different. The little tasks/activities are not dependent on the various locations. You can do as few or many as you like and in any order.

I would allot an hour or so to Sorcerers (or more if you’re loving it). WE can basically be done throughout the day at AK as you come upon them.

Wilderness Explorers is different. You can do the activities in whatever order you come across them; it’s not a “story” like Sorcerers. The WE activities only take a few minutes generally. Some require you ride rides to complete (for example, one asks for the name of your Safari vehicle), but you don’t have to finish them all to have fun. We did 10 badges (stickers) in 2014, after just stumbling upon the game, and we’re bringing the same books back again, to try and finish up the other 20 or so.

@Nickysyme thanks for the info, that is terrific. We have 3.5 days in MK for our trip so we will make some time for it but I had no idea how much to set aside.

One other question. How do you start the game in another land after you finish one, do you have to return to the SotMK station? or does it tell you where to go next? Ex. I start in adventureland and finish all five portals, does it tell which portal to go to next or do I have to go back to the fire station/main street area to start next area?

random other question about Sorcerers; if we picked up cards last time we were at WDW but did not play; will we have to bring those cards back this time so that we play a portal before we can pick up more cards?

@tntjacobs, to be honest I can’t remember if we had to go back or not. I really hope someone else can answer for you. Sorry not to be able to help :pensive:

Hi! I spent several days playing Sorcerer’s when I was at WDW this past August. To answer your question, each portal takes between 3-5 minutes. The delay comes if there are people queued up ahead of you to use the same portal. I’d have to check my map, but I want to say there are 5 portals in each of the lands and most of the tasks require you to visit each portal, but it seems like the next portal you’re sent to is randomly chosen.

This is correct, in order to pick up the next day’s cards you must play at your assigned portal, luckily it only takes about 5 minutes. If you’re just picking up cards each day instead of actively playing the game I would recommend starting in Main Street so that you can pick up your cards, play at a portal and then go about your touring and you’ll be set to pick up your cards the next day.