Something is wrong with the predicted wait times in the crowd level tracker


Well, I truly appreciate the time you took to discuss with me today. I am not sure we sau it enough but thank you for everything you and TP team does for us.

In this particular scenario I think some of us freaked out a bit with the CL increase hence the reason we started to try to understand a bit more that data. And when you understand it really it is not as bad as we think. As mentionned earlier when we saw a CL 10 we all immediately started to think avec wall to wall crowds when on my opinion it wont even be that.

Thanks again for everything @fred !

I think I am really well organised for March 1st and I will definately bring Lines with me ! I also bought tickets for Early Morning Magic at both MK and HS. We are only 2 so the damages are not that bad and I think it will really give us a good head start.

Huge thanks again ! Happy customer here…

Out of topic question : Dining finder is just an amazing tool… is a similar thing for FP under work ? I guess The big problem is the ressources it would be using ? And disney is most likely not providing anyone with api’s ?

Have a wonderful evening,