Something is Fishy, and I don't think it is Dory

Anyone else notice that there is no room availability on property the night of 12/5/2019.
Which is making it a pain to book a vacation!!!

I’ve just tried on he UK site and have tons of choice.

Are you looking for 5? These were for 4.

No availability when i look in US

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Are you looking under a certain discount/package deal? Or just rack rate rooms?

Strange. It might be different inventory I suppose. But it’s through Walt Disney Travel Co.

And I’m just over here grinning about Buffy’s Top Fan :joy:


I only noticed it after I posted the pics! But I am a big Buffy fan. I think I have only commented on the page about twice but apparently that’s all it takes these days.


I know what you mean. I can’t find anything for December 8, 2019 and I have been trying since January 2019. I only need that one day at Pop Century resort to complete my dates.

There were none at the other Values, too.

But I keep checking online every day and calling once a week.

No luck for me.

I hope you get your reservation.