Something interesting on MDE

Well, maybe not super interesting. I cancelled my room for January (no worries, now that we are DVC I booked on points instead), and now MDE had a “reason for cancelling” menu with a few different options to choose from. Looks like they are maybe collecting some data in feedback? Of course I had to choose “other” because there was no “I BOUGHT DVC YOU SUCKERED ME INTO DISNEY FOR THE NEXT 20 YEARS” option. :rofl:


That’s super interesting! It’s valuable information for them and am surprised they haven’t asked before.

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That’s cool! Do you remember what some of the other options were?

Yes, I took a screen shot later on,
-unexpected personal event

  • work schedule conflict
    -price concerns
    -flight unavailable or cancelled

I wonder if we all book and cancel resorts with “price concerns” they will drop prices. Yeah, I didn’t think so either :expressionless:


If ENOUGH did, maybe, but we would have to start an underground movement :sunglasses:

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