Something completely new at WDW-never seen before- ROTR Stand-by Wait time

It was perfect. I’ve waited longer with a BG.


This was true in Disneyland for sure. I got a BG there in February 2020.

The phrase you’re probably looking for is “bottleneck.” If there’s a buffer (i.e. a queue) before the bottleneck which allows it to remain full then all other stages of the pipeline are irrelevant. If there’s not and an earlier stage delay causes the bottleneck to remain empty at some point when it could be full, there is an impact. IIRC, RotR has such buffers at all but the last “preshow.”

The one where the wall is lightsaber’d open and you are whisked off to your vehicle. If that thing is slow or adds to the time it takes to load the vehicle, then you are reducing capacity.

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I don’t think Lines accounts for lollipop times. In a recent experience, three weeks ago, 7DMT had a posted 25 min wait, Lines was saying 15 minute wait, lollipop was 40 minute wait and we waited 38 minutes.

This is also why there is this eternal fight between people at the park claiming higher CLs and people on the forum telling them they are wrong. If you are on the ground things are indeed worse than how they look on the app in some cases. This however, is only a problem during surges, lines eventually normalize.

I hope Genie solves this problem otherwise it will be very disappointing if you get sent to an attraction that has a longer wait than posted. Here is where Disney has the real advantage over TP as they know the real wait times.

@ApolloAndy - Thanks for the spoiler tag!!! (I haven’t clicked it & won’t!! :grinning:)

There’s more than one vlogger that I like / follow that are just going spoiler crazy (IMHO) today. I understand that a lot of ppl think not showing the actual ride is good enough. I want to be overwhelming amazed (like they were) when I get to see everything, including the queue, for the first time.

These days the queue is part of the attraction for these major rides. If COVID hadn’t happened and I’d waited this long to go then it’s on me. However, as you understand, so many of us travel there and haven’t been able to do so since this opened. (I was supposed to be there just a few weeks after it originally opened…lol)


I directly asked this question, about lollipop signs, to Touring Plans via Twitter. (They were talking about the lollipop signs in a post)

The reply was that is the posted wait time for the attraction up through the ride loading area. Not the time until you get into the ride queue


Yeah… that’s the hope. I’m not confident Disney is really going to accurately share posted waits. Plus, are they just going to direct me to low-tier rides / shows or actual E-Ticket attractions? Here’s the thread where all this has been speculated over & over!! :laughing:

One more thing for everyone… RotR will be available for Early Entry


That’s pretty big news. As demonstrated today, the difference between being at the front of the rope drop pack and the back of the rope drop pack may be a multiple hour wait. The 30 minutes doesn’t even matter. If onsite guests get 1 minute ahead of offsite guests, that’s a massive advantage.


So here is my question…was the ACTUAL wait time ever even CLOSE to the posted wait time? If Disney can do a better job making the posted wait time match actual, I think it would be…helpful.


But it won’t sell LL$$ passes :wink:

So NOT helpful for Disney


Yeah. That’s my fear…the intentional artificial inflation of wait times just to get people to buy IAS.

Well at least you recognize it :wink:

Ha! Funny how my mind goes fuzzy and I say things I didn’t even realize I said. :wink:

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No way to really know as no Liner would get in a 240 minute line, so therefore no wait times recorded.


Good point. But I’m guessing @ryan1 ,the actual wait at the peak was 100 minutes at most. That would be when the posted waits were 180 & 220. The highest actual recorded waits were around 70 minutes at 3 different times today.


I am definitely going to watch this over the weekend…

While there’s a lot of excitement about this among us / bloggers, let’s not forget this was the first day and a week day at the end of one of the “slower” seasons.

Saturday is going to be a fun day!

This just popped up in my MDE - 5:30pm Orlando time


It was down at 3:30 as well, wonder if it opened in between at all?

If there were boarding groups, I could look back and track them. But no can do…


Does TP show when this happens on their charts? They are constantly querying for posted wait times, aren’t they?