Something a bit extra and/or different

I am going back to WDW (fourth time in past six years) with my two adult (25 and 21) boys and their friend. I want to do something a bit extra or different to make the trip special and mark a milestone of sorts. Thinking about fireworks cruises or dessert party. The small boat cruise seems like a good idea, but time consuming. Ferryboat party seems like good for desserts and drinks, but possibly not very special. Staying for eight days, so the after hours time doesn’t seem very necessary. Already have a reservation for CDT and BOG. Any ideas?

Have you been to Jellyrolls on the Boardwalk? Now that your youngest is “of age” that could be fun. It’s still on DH and my wish list. You could go after an Illuminations Cruise perhaps.

Or try and find someone to do a share of the special boat you can hire for a fireworks cruise - “something 1” . I’m sure (hope) somebody will know what I’m talking about … Probably :sweat_smile:

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Spirit of Aloha might work endless beer and wine, and girls in grass skirts.

Good idea. I know some other people who will be there at the same time and we could include them.


The MK dessert party last October was super fun and we got to sit for the fireworks which was a treat. I’ve also heard great things about Hoop-dee-do, although I still haven’t made it to that one! Also have you considered a tour? The AK Wild Africa Trek is so cool, and we took our youngest on the Steam Trains tour also. Very small group and individual attention which is amazing. We also got into MK before it opened for the train tour so that was special. My DH and son also did a dolphin experience at the Living Seas (now Seas with Nemo) – that’s been a while but they LOVED it. Especially if you have animal lovers – look into Epcot or AK tours.

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++ For the tours … they would be an excellent addition to your plans

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How about the behind the scenes tour at Magic Kingdom?

I agree - a close-up tour in your favorite park would be fantastic. You do mention concern of the dessert cruises being time consuming - this will be the case for tours as well, but in a lot of cases you experience a few to several attractions over the course of the tour.

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