Someone please reassure me I did the right things just now switching resorts...again

So we started off at POFQ. Then the whole “free dining” and 30% frenzy was announced yesterday, so I switched us to the Contemporary because, well, the view and the walk to MK. It has been 6 years since we stayed at the Contemporary. We stayed at POR last year and absolutely loved it, so on a whim I checked a POR royal room tonight. $2000 cheaper than the Contemporary (with the “free” dining) and $500 cheaper than our original POFQ. That’s a LOT of money and will pay for our pre-disney 2 night stay at UOR and then a dessert party or 2 or 3!! So, before I could let my heart for the Contemporary talk me out of sound and rash reasoning, I called to switch us to POR… somebody tell me this was the sensible thing to do just now!


What a great choice you made! What extras are you going to do now? Have you made a list of all the dessert parties and after hour events? Have you heard about the Lion King tier 1 package?


Agreed! Great choice, use that extra cash!

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No, what is the Lion King tier 1 package?? Is it for Festival of the Lion King because that is in our to do list this time having never seen it before…

Very smart indeed. Not sure if you fly, but for my family that would be the equivalent of free flights!


It is a meal at Tiffins and front row seating at Lion King. Tier 1 includes a special Safari too .

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Absolutely the right choice! I have gone only twice so far, once at a deluxe (seratoga springs in a 2 bedroom villa) and once at Pop. Everyone liked Pop better!

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We don’t fly but sometimes it is SO tempting just to avoid the nightmare called “Atlanta!” :joy:

Okay, so now that I’m feeling much more comfortable with this decision, time to consider some extras we can splurge on. Any must have suggestions? We did HEA dessert party twice last year and loved the non-stress of it. We have been to Disney several times but have never seen Illuminations. Is the frozen dessert party worth it there or are there plenty of good viewing areas? There are just 3 of us going.

Awesome move. Save money so you can do extras or bounce back.

Maybe an after hours event those seem good. Personally if I were to do a dessert party HEA all the way.

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Last February, on our trip down, as we approached Atlanta, there was an accident on the bypass that almost completely shut it down, and an accident in the heart of Atlanta. The accident in the heart of Atlanta resulted in all lanes closed (like, 10 of them?) except for the right lane and the HOV lane. As you can imagine, it took us almost 2 1/2 hours to get through Atlanta. Which is about the same amount of time it takes to fly from Detroit down to Orlando, if we flew! :confused:

Anyhow, I think your decision to switch to POR is extremely wise. :slight_smile: I’m having second (and third) doubts about staying at Bay Lake Tower for even 3 days on our anniversary trip. I mean, yes, it is a life-long dream to stay at the Contemporary (which Bay Lake is likely as close as I’d ever come to that), but wow, is it expensive. I’m beginning to wonder if a single night (for the MK view of the Fireworks) is enough, or perhaps should I consider the Wilderness Lodge, which looks to be absolutely gorgeous. Just don’t know. And I’m running out of time. I only have 698 days left! :wink:

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