Someone convince my husband

I was just doing a little math and realized I’m about to max out on my earned time in april, just in time for April school vacation. Since its use it or lose it, I HAVE to take the week off. I really don’t want to spend april vacation sitting at home entertaining a 7 year old while it rains/snows/sleets/nor’easters outside in the unpredictable weather of new england.
I mentioned to hubby “I want to go somewhere warm” and he’s all
" we have to pay for blah blah blah" (its true, my dog needs emergent knee surgery and we need our driveway redone)
But damn it, I want to go to Disney… and If I start budgeting now and picking up OT we should be ok… I just have to convice him…
give me your best arguments!


Maybe your husband can pay for the dog and driveway. You pay for the Disney trip.
I make the money in our house, so DH has said that I get to decide on all vacations until he can actually afford things. I think it’s fair.


“Sweetheart, if I don’t use this time off, it will be lost, and I want to use it on something we will enjoy. Disney is something that will make me very happy, and I know you want me to be happy. I’ll put in some OT to go toward the cost too. The driveway is not going to get much worse, and we can fix that later. It’s not like we’re putting the house on the market right now and have a strict deadline on that. I’m following some people’s trip reports and they are magical. We can do this.”


Point out that it will cost money to entertain a 7 year old for a week and come up with a budget for say 4 days, maybe staying at a DS resort instead of Disney.

Also you could point out that there may well be international guests starting to come over towards the summer, including all the rescheduled trips that Disney simply postponed for a year. That would make Disney very crowded once we start arriving.



“Honey, you know that thing you like me to do in the bedroom? Well, you can forget me doing it ever again unless we go to WDW in April. Your call.”




It might be the cheapest time to go to Disney, from the last 10 years to the next 10 years…DVC members cannot use their expiring contracts and there is a TON of inventory available for rent at deep discount prices…I just rented points for $13 a point, thats a HUGE discount to regular rental rates and a MASSIVE discount to rack rates if you book through Disney…I am also in the northeast (Mass) and one other benefit is, if you’re in MA, our April vacation is always the 3rd week of April…Most of the country “floats” their spring break to the week following Easter making April 17th-24th one of the slowest spring weeks at Disney and one of the top weeks of the year to attend…For eg, a studio at Bay Lake Tower for April 17-24 is a total of 148 points x the $13 rate I got, that would be $1924 for a week for the room…That same room on the Disney website to book is $5,455.27 for the exact same nights…Hope this helps and maybe I’ll see you there


I would put together a whole budget and plan. Then show him what’s possible. These big trips best to get all parties on board!

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A budget plan is always a sound way to get my husband on board with anything. The first question is always “how will we afford it?”

Bedroom threats never work. He knows it’s as much a punishment to me as it is to him, so we just don’t go there.


All good points made. We can’t put the driveway off, its at a dire point of needing replacement - but we already have the money and will do it in the summer.
The dog was the biggest surprise. We weren’t expecting him to tear his knee and need surgery. Currently we are waiting for his ortho appointment to actually get him looked at and get an estimate for the cost,but we are expecting anywhere from 4K-6K for it from what information I have gathered. We can pull together the money for that, we just have to dip into our savings. I think he just wants to find out the actual cost for my pup to get fixed before we make any decsions.

Honestly of all these thing, Disney is probably the cheapest! I can always find the money for a trip. I’m thinking 4 days at all stars. Me and DD still have our APs active in april, and my hubby will just have to buy himself a ticket. The plane tix will be the most costly i think. ( April vacation prices in the northeast). But I do have some airline miles I can probably dip into…

And did I already mention we’re going in January and august 2021 :flushed:
(this is probably working against me…)


For us, April is too soon. I booked us for June to be safe around all things covid and travel restrictions.

Remind me where you are? You mention nor’easters… is your state restricting travel and can you accommodate that if that’s still in place in April? Which sounds far off but which these days honestly feels right around the corner. I don’t think we’ll be out of the woods by a long shot by then. I’m nervous that I still won’t be allowed to travel by then (from work restrictions) and told my own DH the other day that they should plan to travel without me if I can’t go (because the three of them can quarantine on return).

I also just want to go to Disney right now too. But it doesn’t make sense for us, and with the virus spiraling out of control right now (we are approaching an entire 9/11-worth-of-deaths-per-day) I am actually against all travel right now. So even though I want to do it I’m not doing it. And I hate it. And it sucks. But it’s the right thing

Sometimes the right thing and the hard thing are the same thing.

I’m with your DH on this.


You have to budget first for these kinds of surprises, IMO.

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^This. Don’t lose the time off, even if it is just a staycation spent binge-watching Netflix, but also don’t take unnecessary risks, financially and health-wise.


Yes. I am the type of person who puts money away every week for these exact situations.

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I am in MA. Currently we can only go to Hawaii without quarantining(or testing) when we get back.
If things go the way they look, we are both likely to be vaccinated by Jan/Feb (his is a paramedic, so he’s one of the first on the list, I work in a hospital lab, so I won’t be the first healthcare worker, but probably on the list at some point).
Currently our jobs offer testing if we travel. I’ve been tested twice already, both times returning from Disney. Disney is the only place I do feel comfortable going in the country :sweat_smile:
Its definitely not going to be a one time conversation, and things are ever evolving. He was ok about putting a deposit down on a room at All stars, knowing that we can cancel anytime.
I do know that the care of my dog/home and safety comes first for sure. I do hope you feel comfortable enough in june for travel. I remember you cancelling your (august?) trip.

What about your daughter? Has she been tested and will she be ok with it on return?

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You, madam, are peddling roses in a fish market.


I would test her. We would return on a wednesday, and she wouldn’t be in school until the following wednesday (that is her hybrid, W and F)
We plan to do the same when we return in january.

We were planning on April, but recently switched to June. I still think it is 50/50 that we will postpone again and move the June trip to the fall. Combination of both Covid safety concerns and hoping WDW is closer to normal (fireworks, meet & greets, character meals).

hey now, I respect everyone’s opinions here :slight_smile:

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