Someone Ate the Page

Just confirming it isn’t me! I’ve used 3 different browsers on two different laptops, and it’s been happening since last Friday! The app seems to work fine but there are some things that are just easier on the site itself. #frustrated

I’m not getting that at all. I did all of my FPs on the site yesterday, and was looking at ADRs and room availability on the site yesterday as well.

I’ve had no problems either…

Thanks for the replies. I am so unbelievably frustrated. I did my FP through my phone but just want to customize the magic bands and do a few other things.

I finally called and they said a lot of people are having problems and they’ve been working on it. Thank you for the feedback!

This happened to me too! Helped solve the problem to log out, clear browser history and log in fresh. Don’t know why lol. I anticipated it during my FP b/c it had been happening so I had my app open as well…

Yes! I booked ADR’s for late March/early April yesterday and got the Paws 76 times I think. I could book on my phone, but can’t book the F! Dining package no matter what I do (yes the times are available, get nothing but Sorry every single time) I have been many times and have never had so much trouble. Annoying!

Yep, me too! Every. single. day. since Friday! I’m sick of seeing Stitch.

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Clearing browser history should help, but so annoying!! Glad I got through my FPs and it worked lol. :sweat_smile:

It did work and yes, it’s annoying. I’ve had to go back and re-open all my other pages that I frequent. :unamused: