Some way to get cards signed?

I know there are no character meet and greets like before. And typically all you can get at character meals is a postcard with the characters siggy’s on them.

But I am wondering: is there a way to have “Mickey” sign some cards if I were to bring them to my resort desk?

Here’s the backstory: Everyone in my family except for me celebrated a milestone birthday during this gawdawful pandemic. Each of them was supposed to celebrate on trips: DH and DD in April 2020, and DS in April 2021. All of those trips were cancelled and rebooked and we are finally going, as you know, in 3 days. Ironically, MY birthday is actually happening during this trip and that just didn’t feel fair. So I am secretly planning to celebrate their birthdays while we are there. I plan to get them all birthday buttons on day 1 and leave them out with cards and decorations I have picked up at the party store on the morning of their “birthday”.

I can certainly sign the cards myself, but I thought it would be cool if I could get “Mickey” to sign them instead.

Do you think they would do this for me at the resort desk??? Somewhere else???


I doubt it, sadly.

They used to allow that on the cruise line - drop something off at Guest Services and get it signed. Then people started taking advantage and dropping off something for every extended family member, so they limited it to one or two (I forget) per cabin. And then even that stopped.

Only certain people are certified to do character autographs - on the cruise line, those who were would VOLUNTEER their off-time to sit in a room and do it; I cannot imagine them having the staff to do it right now (not to mention not at a paid position).

If you’re going to character meals, you could possibly ask for extra cards.

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I have to believe that if you tell this story to the front desk that they can find a way to make it happen! Maybe it would take overnight or something but that would probably be ok for you. Also maybe a restaurant? I feel like in the “before times” that if you had an occasion marked that sometimes you could get a note from the friends.


I thought of the furloughed CM group, but you probably don’t have time to do that now.

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Have you seen the FB group Ear for Each Other? There might be a furloughed “friend” who would be willing to pick something up at a resort, sign it and bring it back the next day.


so.many.secrets! I have such a bad poker face and memory, there’s no way I would be able to keep secrets like you do.
It would be great if the front desk could make this happen for you. :crossed_fingers:


The birthday thing is easy. None of them is even thinking about their birthdays because I’m making such a big deal about mine.

Oh crud. I meant to get party hats for our Create Your Magic Moment thingie. I’ll do that today.


I’m mostly an honest person, but would consider forging the signatures, maybe. But I’d feel bad flat out lying on how I got them. But then again how is it any different than writing a note from Santa or Tooth Fairy?


If it comes to that, I’ll do that. But I hope to have it be more real. :smiley:

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I still smile at my youngest DS’s autograph book from his first trip.

The Power Rangers would appear in their huge car at the crossroads at Streets of America, outside the LMA entrance. And then the 5 of them would disperse to the 4 corners to sign. And this was a massive deal to my little 5/6 year old.

So we did the Red Ranger first. Then at the next scheduled appearance we lined up for the Blue.

Next time at DHS we tried once more, lining up for Green, and then ran over to the Pink and Yellow. Yellow signed and we got a photo but they were sounding the horn so Pink never did sign it. So as the Rangers ran back I distracted DS and we rejoined the family. And my forged “Pink Ranger” autograph looks every bit as authentic as the rest. :joy:


This might be the best idea! That group seems to have someone do everything!

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Are you doing any character meals? I’d ask my server nicely about getting extra cards.

We are but far to far into the trip to wait for that.

Ah. I wonder if you could sneak into one earlier and explain to the host/hostess what you need and see if there was any way.

What a cute idea! I have no idea, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Is there a way to call the hotel concierge tomorrow and ask if there’s something they can do? Might it help if you were willing to include a brief bday greeting note in your card? That way, they’d have more time to get it taken care of. Just a thought.

Good luck!

Omg I love this! Great mom moment!

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