Some split-stay logistical questions

You should always make your request at least 30 minutes ahead of time; the more lead time you can give them the better. We once came close to missing an ADR because they were especially busy that morning. If you have an ADR to make I would mention this when you call to make the arrangement for them to get the luggage


Bell Services is 24/7 certainly at deluxe resorts, including DVC. So you could call as early as you like.

Plus the one time we had issue moving from KIdani back to BLT, the luggage had never left Kidani. It was 10pm before they realised this and Bay Lake sent someone over to Kidani to get it for us. He got one big tip from us!


You’re too kind!

I think they should have “tipped” you in this situation - they totally dropped the ball!


We transferred from BCV to BRV in October. We also had a car but didn’t want to have to break down the stroller to fit everything and I wanted to swim at BRV before 5pm. So we gave Bell Services our two large suitcases and threw the rest in the car. It was not SUPER early, but it was early that we called (per @PrincipalTinker’s advice) and they came very quickly. I am pretty sure they are a 24/7 operation. We were told that the transfer service would pick it up around 12-1. We ended up back at BRV around 4pm and our luggage was there already but as others have said, they are VERY vague around when it will arrive. You most likely will need to just keep calling if it isn’t there on your first try.

It wasn’t the fault of the Bay Lake team though. So blaming him would have been unfair.


I can not help with splat stay luggage, never did this, always had a car. But I have used Instacart several times before… just not at Disney. When your order is being “shopped for” you will get a text from the handler. I’ve always responded back asking for a 20 min heads up before arrival. You can also ask that they text you when they are pulling into hotel so u can meet them. They generally want to get in and get out. You could call the front desk ahead of time and ask if they will accept your order if you arent there. Hope this helps a bit.

Yes. Thanks!

My experience from 2 trips transferring from AKL to Swan:

1st time: called from the room to pick up bags and took maybe 30 - 40 mins but for me personally it felt much longer and basically sitting at alert for them to show up (my terrible personality). Not to mention a bus to catch to get to a FP and not relaxing for me. Everything worked out and as planned, we didn’t get to Swan until past 8pm and there were no problems with bags being delivered to the room when requested.

2nd time: Not wanting to wait (at least mentally for me) we brought our bags to bell serves which took under 5 mins. We arrived earlier to the Swan around 5 and picked up our bags from bell services with no problems.

In an extremely weird way I would prefer to drop my bags at the bell desk and risk losing them/delays then sit and wait for the bellman to show up. Yes, I understand I might need help :sweat_smile: