Some questions about how to

When I have read through all the comments to a post how to a get back to the categories list? How do you track where you are in reading posts.

I'm still getting used to the flow and layout, but I've been clicking on the "t" logo (on the computer) or the touring plans logo (on the phone) to get back to the main page of categories.

I've been "starring" posts that I want to follow, but haven't posted on yet. Then I can click on the starred posts button to just see those posts.

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On the top right next to your avatar, there is a series of three horizontal lines. If you click that, it shows you every category.

You can also go into your profile to see all the posts that you have liked, starred, bookmarked or commented on.

Boy this old dog sure has a lot of new tricks to learn. Like, how to edit 🐢😳