Some of the good news

To add to this, I love that we can use gift cards to pay through mobile ordering now


By the time we get to return the Disney Rewards card will pay for more than just a splurge meal​:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

It’s sadly apparent we can add rank sloth to the already long list of louchely degenerate behaviors you evince with such enthusiasm. A person of more upright character would take a more fiscally prudent trip of no more than three days. The shorter time would focus one’s mind on the devotion to seeing only the most sacred of the sacred spaces, setting a sunup-to-sundown pace of grim determination that is the mark of the truly faithful. Instead you’ll likely fritter away much of this time on revolting displays of wretched excess like “table service meals.”


Love this thread. I’m needing some positivity.

  1. We had some DVC points that we were going to lose this year so we were able to save 2 nights at a hotel to get a studio at the Poly. We’ve never stayed there and it’s been on my bucket list.
  2. We got a cheap price on flights to MCO for a 7-day trip. Then United started rearranging the flight schedule and made a mess of it. We were able to move our departure out one day for an 8-day trip at the same price.
  3. I have mixed feelings on the parks being open later, because I was looking forward to being back at the resort and getting to bed earlier, but it does give us the option of swimming before going to the parks and then staying later.
  4. I love the idea of cavalcades rather than a full parade. I never wanted to stay and wait to see parades before COVID.

I imagine myself breaching the borders of such places on a daily basis when I finally get back there.


This is probably my favorite new thing youve listed :grin:

It is nice to read through everyone’s “good news” items.

I know for myself, as I’ve become focused on what has been taken away, it can start to creep into your enjoyment of the upcoming trip. But when I started looking at the positives happening, it changed my attitude.

It may have been Dr. Phil who said, “Change your attitude, change your day.”


But I’m in a quandary now. Last night, we were watching a DFBGuide on recent news, and AJ highlighted the Lunching Pad opening up. But she focused on the Jalapeño Pretzel moreso than the Cream Cheese pretzel. So which do I choose? (Yeah, I know…the answer SHOULD be “both”…but there are so many things we are planning on trying, I’m afraid if I get them all I’ll come back weighing an additional 15 lbs. I don’t have the metabolism of @Randall1028 after all!)


Get both and share both with DW. you’ll end up eating only one. Problem solved.

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They have both??!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Oh this is getting better and better. The jalapeno one is not spicy. Its got just a bit of the flavor. I would go for that one. Correction, I WILL go for that one. If you have 2 days at MK and you could try for a reg cream cheese filled the second go round.


Good for you! I remember you having to cancel your trip in august. I’m glad your giving covid the big “FU”

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1.Since my Solo trip became a trio trip I was able to afford the upgrade from POP to Caribbean Beach. I’ve never stayed at a moderate resort so I’m very intrigued about enjoying a little more fancy.
2. Delighted that the egg roll cart is open and school bread is back. I’ve never tried the egg rolls.
3. Looking forward to trying dinner at The Wave. I seem to make reservations for every trip to eat here and it never pans out.
4. The snacks… ALL THE SNACKs
5. By the time I’m done with this trip, I should have enough Disney Reward points to pay in full my next trip’s hotel stay, and possibly upgrade to CB if I like it next week. Free hotel, Free plane tix, all I need to pay for in january is food.
6. I’m leaving my husband and kid at home this time… girls trip! (disclaimer, as much as I love both of them, mama needs a break)
7. SIX DAYS!!!


my first Solo trip in 26 days: positives
Yorkshire fish shop opened on weekends
the egg roll cart is open!
Gaston’s tavern
For now, an early first day unless flight changes again
First time at food & wine and looks like they continue to add fruity beers…

great thread!