Some moms want spa days, this mama wants park days (live report)

So originally we had a 5n cruise on the Magic. Then worries about covid testing led us to a 4n wdw trip. Them worries about omicron led us to a week in the keys with not a mickey bar in sight. We are still currently on that trip and having a blast, but my heart was broken and our Orlando flights credited. Oh, and I and the kids all had covid, so that’s fun.

So, temporary immunity + flight credits + TA ticket and room rates… = another 36 hour trip for me! I considered bringing the kids but DS just missed 6 days of school and DH was not on board with him missing another.

When: arriving 830a fri feb 4, departing 6p sat Feb 5
Where: royal room at POR
Who: me, myself and I!!!

My dilemma is this: I have 1 day left on a no expiration hopper from a previous ticket. I CAN get another 1 day hopper, especially since I saved over $300 downgrading my room, but $$. And I don’t want to RD Saturday, and I only have until 4p latest, so it feels like a waste. Or is it a waste to be at wdw and not in the parks??? FOMO FOeva, I guess.

Friday option 1:

Head straight to EP for FArts, my main reason for going. I have always wanted to go, and so I want to savor every little bit! I don’t really plan to ride anything.
Then, I may go to MK for a spin on PM or HM, but only if i get through the festival a lot faster than i think i will. Then over to AK for tiffins dinner and tree awakenings, then back to EP for disney on broadway and harmonious.

Option 2:
Start at MK and people watch from sacred spaces near sleepy hollow, then lunch at tiffins and a bird show, then EP til close. I just feel like EP will be far less crowded in the am than on Friday afternoon/eve. But thus option means 1 fewer hop. Thoughts?

Saturday i plan to wake up when I wake up, then take a leisurely walk around both resorts with coffee and beignets.
Then uber to WL for exploring that resort and geyser point.
Right at 3pm open, I will hit trader Sam’s and then uber to mco from poly at 4.

Thoughts? Which Friday option do you like? Also, would love to meet anyone who will be in town!!


Option 1 but eliminate something. It feels too bunchy and rushed. Either skip MK or skip Tiffins


If I wanted to maximize park time fairly cheaply I think I’d do some of the resort hopping when you arrive Friday and get an after 1pm convention ticket for EP that day, then do MK/AK Saturday before heading to the airport. I know that’s not am option, but I like it.

Of your 2 plans I think I’d lean toward 1, but that trip to AK is going to be a major time suck.


I truly admire a 36 hour trip. Kudos to you. If it were me I would spend the day at Epcot, possibly head back to the resort once the room is ready to freshen up a bit then hop back over to Epcot. Waste of a hopper ticket?? Maybe, but then you’ll just have to book another 36 hour trip for MK, and another for AK. See where I’m going with this? :wink:


That FOMO is tough to tame. Sigh.

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Oh wow, I just spent a lot of time down THAT rabbit hole. Yeah I def cannot chance that as a TA. But I like your style!


I think I might just plan to stay at EP and just hop if I feel like it/have time, and take whichever bus comes first?


That’s a great - and fun, spontaneous - plan (is that an oxymoron??)

Since FARTs is your primary goal, I think you should keep it as the focus, spend as much time there as you want to and only then go somewhere else. Lots of great dining at Epcot ; no need to go to AK for Tiffins this time around. Do it on your next 36 hour trip like @Olafsdad said :wink:


This is the last of my flight credits, but the next time frontier has one of those 75% off promo codes, who knows?! :grinning:


Spam me with your hidden gems at epcot. I’ve written down 3 or 4 snacks I want to try at festival booths, but what else? Any sacred spaces in the back of a pavilion? Best spot for fun merch?

My flight (should) land at 830 and I’m planning to uber straight to EP, so I’ll have about an hour and a half to do stuff before festival booths open. Want to do those first thing because I know better than to think I will wait in a 30m line for an empanada.

The 11am open for festival booths coupled with the fact that I really only want 3 snacks, and it’s more about browsing the artwork, seeing chalk art, etc, and that I want to end the night w Broadway and harmonious, has me reconsidering option 2 (mk or AK first then hop to ep). Just a little apprehensive of Friday pm epcot crowds, not that I really plan to ride anything (maybe soarin or lwtl).


Club cool, right? Never been.


Go! Get the Beverly! It’s fantastic no matter what they say!


This is what checking in at 06:35:02 gets you. Basically if you want an A group these days you gotta pay. Got lucky. Don’t normally care when flying solo but trip is short so I wanna be off that plane asap!

Getting real!!


Are you going to pay for priority boarding?

It is kind of worth it if you’re alone (even more if you get reimbursed because you have a Southwest card)

Also, I was trying to find a small bag for this trip. I have a giant target backpack that I’ve been hauling around for years, a businessy shoulder bag, but no small backpack. After deciding NOT to spend $100 on the Heimlich loungefly (or $300 on the jungle book watercolor one :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:), I settled on this $35 kids backpack from simple modern

I did pay for expedited shipping, but it’s not here :tired_face:


Aw that’s wicked cute!

Oh no it’s not here yet! :frowning:

Will it make it???

I already got my 2 free this “year” in December :tired_face:

and these guys are ready to go!! If I hadn’t recently recovered, I’d be rocking the kn95s, but since I did, :woman_shrugging:

Got these during the semi annual sale where they have an extra 20 or 30% off the sale price, so these were a buck fiddy each! (Cringes at self for use of early aughts slang)


You can still buy it at the gate though, you just don’t get reimbursed.

Oh interesting. So I would be like a20 instead of a59?